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1980's Dinner Party

Hi All,

I am hosting a 1980's dinner party and want to do something really cheesy......  smile

Anyone have any ideas; have been thinking something super "sophisticated" like melon balls / prawn cocktail - lasagne/chicken maryland-chocolate brownies / pavlova....

Thanks a mill,


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Re: 1980's Dinner Party

This is reminiscent of a huge and very popular thread we had quite a while ago.  Has it been lost? hmm

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Re: 1980's Dinner Party

Welcome to the forums, Irishtweety!!  I bumped the retro thread up so you could get some ideas for your party.

Hi Montana!!  Have you finished travelling, yet?

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Re: 1980's Dinner Party

Hi Irish (my maternal g-mother was from there).

I've already replied tonight (my time) re desserts.

Am hosting a "retro" (60s-80s) party in the next couple of months. Got a "huge" response (thanks, everyone!).

Thought you might like to check it out as did other regs here.

Am using a "hand-held" so can't give you the url. But it's on the recipe request forum and is entitled "Retro food 60s-80s"

Right now, it is just above your request.

Hope this helps!

Maree smile

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Re: 1980's Dinner Party

Here are the links to the two recent threads. The retro food thread by Maree and one on a decades dinner party that sounded quite fun and ended in the eighties with dessert wink … 21&p=1

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