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Pizza dough- too sticky!


I've made Jamie's pizza dough twice- both times I halved the amount- just enough for my husband and I and a little baby one for my toddler and have exactly halved all of the ingredients.  Both times the mixture has been unbelievably watery and I end up putting in LOADS more flour and I just can't understand why.  I haven't tracked down any semolina flour but I know you can use 100% strong plain instead so this shouldn't be an issue.  I use my stand mixer to make the dough but know that it's too sticky because Jamie says after you stir in all of the flour with a fork and it becomes too difficult then start kneading- well with the amounts given it would never be too difficult to stir and there's no way you could knead it!  Anybody else found this?  The dough turns out fine in the end- really happy with it but I can't help wondering what I'm doing wrong and how wonderful it would taste if I was doing it RIGHT!  How sticky/gooey/firm is your dough?

Any ideas very welcome.

Posy x

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Re: Pizza dough- too sticky!

Hi Posy,
Welcome to the forums!

When I make pizza from Jamie's Italy, I would say that the dough is a lot softer than when I made pizza from other recipes I used to go by - but not stickier.
I usually use semolina, but when I am out of it I just use more of the flour I am using anyway.

I always do the half recipe, too.

As long as it works when you add a little more flour I would not worry and just add that extra bit wink

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Re: Pizza dough- too sticky!

Welcome to the forum Posy  smile
Could you write down the recipe that you are using and perhaps tell us what book you found it in. Then someone may be able to help you properly.
It sounds to me that the quantity of fluid to flour ratio is wrong.
I make pizza dough with strong bread flour , my friend in America uses a combination of Semolina flour and plain flour.

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Re: Pizza dough- too sticky!

Posy, as Jamie explains in his bread recipes,  flours need differing amounts of fluid, even 2 packs of the same flour can be a little different, so if its too sticky, just add extra flour, little by litlle until you are happy with it.

Next time hold back a little of the water, yeast & honey mix until your sure you need it.

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Re: Pizza dough- too sticky!

Hi Posy,

Welcome to the forums and well done for being adventurous with your cooking! clap

As you've no doubt read by now, the dough varies from batch to batch as well as flour used.

It's ok to not use the entire amount of liquid for the amount of flour you wish to turn to dough. Focus on the dough consistency as you make it instead of the exacting portions of ingredients. If you also noticed, Jamie would sometimes add extra flour to the base quantity to reach the right consistency. It's always best to have more dough than you need (same rule applies for many other aspects in life eh? wink ).

When I make pizza dough, if I make too much, the excess goes into the fridge for use later. I also make variations to the basic dough like adding some herbs and spices either when the ingredients are still dry or when I've nearly finished kneading the dough. The types of extra ingredients will depend on what you are serving your bread with. In this case, meatier herbs like oregano, basil, garlic, rosemary, and thyme complement a pizza wonderfully.

Hope your next attempt turns out better!


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