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#21 Mon 23 Jul 07 9:45am

The White Rabbit

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Re: flour insects

frizz, I couldn't find the images of the cheese mites. THey are interesting little critters.

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#22 Mon 23 Jul 07 12:43pm


From Adelaide, OZ
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Re: flour insects

Thanks Cindy.  I too know of a Tupperware consult.  But you are right   smile

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#23 Mon 23 Jul 07 11:31pm


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Re: flour insects

Personally i like mason jars and glass hermetic flip lid jars.. although the starfrit  "lock and lock" plastic containers are my choice for anything liquidy i bring to work for lunch.. have never had one of these containers leak on me.

Only a fool argues with a skunk, a mule or a cook.  { cowboy saying}
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#24 Sun 05 Aug 07 6:42pm


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Re: flour insects

Make sure you clean everything as soon as you find them and put the rest of the stuff in tuperwares....

But the best thing ever has got to be those sticky pads you put on the inside of your cupboard door... they're double sided with that sticky stuff and have some kind of hormone thingy on them which attracts those flour insects.. couldnt explain you in detail as I'm no scientist but they're brilliant to use... the insects just end up on the pads, remember to change them every so many weeks....

We have them in france but I havent come accross them in the shops over here....


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#25 Tue 07 Aug 07 11:54am


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Re: flour insects

Thrifty wrote:

an oven at 250c kills most insects big_smile  i have had the same problem though i did the exact dumped the lot cleaned and re stocked. my main problem was a tin i got from a flour company i think it was a bugger to clean it so i dumped it too.

not that i cook insects btw..although i hear some are quite a delicasy

I had problems with this method. How do you get the insect to stay still as you lift the bloody hot oven.

Luv Foggy

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#26 Wed 08 Aug 07 10:37am


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Re: flour insects

I must say I have never ever  heard of cheese mites, think I'm going to stick to vegemites for now. thumbsup

I have opened new packets of flour to find weevils inside, now I buy my flour in plastic screwtop jars. It's called Easy-store flour-The healthy Baker from woolworths.

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#27 Thu 09 Aug 07 1:55am


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Re: flour insects

Forget tupperware... Two years ago when my pantry got infested with little moths while I was on vacation for a month I had to throw everything out, and disinfect. After, I went out and bought 2 cases of 1L glass jars (12 per case) and used them for all my dry Pantry ingredients. For my sugar and flour I spent a little more and found 2 3L glass containers. All came with lids. A case of 12 jars costs about $10-$12 a lot cheaper than you would pay for 12 1L tupperware containers! big_smile

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#28 Thu 09 Aug 07 5:18pm


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Re: flour insects

I posted the same problem here in March/April this year.

I operate two food (baking) businesses from home and buy my bakers' flour in 10kg bags, then there are the 10-15 specialty flours I use (and the dried pasta etc). I store my dried goods in large airtight bins. The weavils are obviously in the product (dormant) when I buy them.

The advice I was given here was to store my dry goods in the fridge. Our fridge isn't big enough for our family needs (and is "built in" so can't buy a new one even if I could afford it). My Nan swore by this but she only had her needs to worry about.

What Nan also did (and what I do) is to scatter bay leaves and whole cloves through her pantry. This helps, though not 100%. I also try to keep dry stock (flours, pasta, couscous) to a minimum as "stock on hand". This is a real pain. Extra time out of the kitchen means less product, means I get behind in orders, means less income.

I did try one recipe in which I'd found a loan weavil in the flour and used a very fine meshed sieve to extract it on the family. They said the Yorkshire puddings tasted "weird". That was enough for me to toss my "stock at hand" and start afresh.

If the family, who eats everything", complained, how could I sell product made from the same raw ingredient? My reputation would be down the toilet. An expensive but necessary exercise.

Hope this rambling entry helps.

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#29 Sat 11 Aug 07 12:33am


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Re: flour insects

Hi Maree, you have been missed.

I keep my spices & dry goods in the same area of the kitchen, I think this helps. I did it on purpose as when I lived in Sydney (cockroach capital of the world whistle ) the little buggers would never go in the spice cupboard. Got into everything else if I didnt keep up the Baygon.

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#30 Fri 17 Aug 07 7:37pm


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Re: flour insects

Another way to prevent flour insects is to store ur flour in the fridge. That what how i keep mine at home

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