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Sweetcorn more inventive ideas needed please

I have sweetcorn in abundance...apart from mamaliga or polenta and boiled corn on the cob any other smart ideas on how to use this..i was also wondering if there was a funky way to use the leaves from the husks like a meat ball wrap or somthing any help appreciated smile

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Re: Sweetcorn more inventive ideas needed please

Yes, the husks are used here in the US and in Mexico for making tamales.
I will post a corn chowder recipe later.  Also, have a nice corn pudding recipe.

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Re: Sweetcorn more inventive ideas needed please

Here's some of my idea,

Sweetcorn+butter+salt+abit of pepper is always nice. or You can always add some sweetcorns over your pancakes as well. Both taste greats in my opinion smile

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Re: Sweetcorn more inventive ideas needed please

Jaimes dinners has some nice recipes using sweetcorn. One recipe is of chicken breast stuffed with banana, wrapped in streaky bacon and cooked on a bed of sweetcorn kernals with white wine and cream. Outstanding recipe and a family favourite.

One thing I have always done for many years is to  cut the kernals off the cob and melt some oil and butter in a small frypan, put in the corn kernals and a green chilli that has been deseeded and chopped finely - use one of the large banana or one that is not so hot, some fresh ground white pepper and some salt and a pinch sugar. Fry them until cooked through and serve.

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Re: Sweetcorn more inventive ideas needed please

theres a great sweetcorn recipe on the BBQ podcast  wink to be uploaded on the website very soon!

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Re: Sweetcorn more inventive ideas needed please

You could always shave the kernnels off and add it to a cornbread recipe? Love the cornbread!!!

Like Eddie mentioned, great with chowder, oh yeah! yummy

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Re: Sweetcorn more inventive ideas needed please

I always wrap mine in foil with copious amounts of softened butter mixed with lime or lemon juice and finely chopped chillis.....and then barbequed

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Re: Sweetcorn more inventive ideas needed please

we used to use sweetcorn fritters as a garnish in the restaurant. i'm sorry i dont have the exact recipe...

make a beer batter (eggs, flour, beer, whisk) and allow it to rest.

chop some onion, garlic and fresh red chillies.

add your corn and other ingredients to the batter, it should be a fairly loaded mixture with the batter just binding the other ingredients.

season with salt and pepper and any herbs/spices you care to add.

add large spoonfuls to a heated, oiled frying pan or griddle pan and cook on a low heat till done on one side then flip and cook the other side.

serve as an accompaniment to grilled/bar-b'd meats or on their own with dipping sauce.

tip: these are good with lotsa chile!

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Elly S

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Re: Sweetcorn more inventive ideas needed please

Try a simple salad of chopped fresh cucumbers, sweet corn, strained yoghurt, a little mayonnaise and chopped dill. You may add a little mashed garlic as well, if you like.
I also like another one - chopped surimi, a little chopped sour apple, sweet corn, mayonnaise, a little yoghurt or/ and lemon juice.
Both can go as starters as well. smile

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Re: Sweetcorn more inventive ideas needed please

Hey Thrifty,
I have a pretty neat idea, if your making Corn on a Cob why not cook the Corn in a Chilli Substance mixed with Spices?
I was thinking Red Chili and Jalapeno.
That way, It'll be hot and spicy ^^

Take care,

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