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i am from croatia and i like to know what is the tipe of Jamie s motor?
If you a any question of Dalmatian food just ask.


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Re: help

Hi Soyka! Welcome to the forums wave

I have no real idea about Dalmatian food. We went on a holiday to Croatia when I was a little girl in the mid-80s (still part of Yugoslavia then). The only thing I remember that they served excellent fish and that cabbage rolls were a specialty (was it "dolma"? I don't really remember...). Anyway - why don't you surprise us with some regional recipes? Always eager to learn something new!  whistle

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Re: help

Hi Adio,

Hope all is well... you may be viewing earlier programs of Jamie's - he used to ride an Aprillia scooter, however, he has not done so for quite sometime now



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