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Danish Feta - Enquiry from NZ

Just wondering if anyone can help - we've been given 3 large blocks of danish feta and I wanted to know if I can freeze feta? There's no way we're going to able to eat it all in the amount of time we have left according to the "use by" date and I'd hate to waste it. help

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Re: Danish Feta - Enquiry from NZ

Hi Seansmun, welcome.

Hope you find this information helpful.

Feta Cheese -

Store in olive oil: This is often called "marinated feta" and, depending on how you plan to use the cheese (great for salads), this may be the solution for at least part of your feta. Place chunks of feta in glass jars to 1/2 inch of the top and cover completely with olive oil. Seal tightly and store. Do not refrigerate.

Freeze: Feta can be frozen, but the texture will change slightly. After defrosting, use this feta to crumble on salads or in cooked dishes, rather than as slices. Freeze wrapped in airtight plastic packaging; defrost, wrapped, in the refrigerator. When defrosted, if not used at once, store in olive oil.

Here's a link to Jamie's recipe for Marinated Feta Cheese Salad. … 46,00.html

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Re: Danish Feta - Enquiry from NZ

My advice is to marinate it and give it away as xmas gifts to people.

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Re: Danish Feta - Enquiry from NZ

The feta in olive oil is very good with seasoning. I usually add mediterranean herbs and chilis (omit chillies for children I suppose). Leave for at least 3 days before serving that flavors can blend. A week is better. Dried tomatoes mixed in are also very good. When using it in a salad I also use the oil from the marinade for the dressing.

But I do refrigerate that in the summer. Olive oil becomes cloudy and solid in the fridge, but that's not a quality problem. Only it gets solid at that temperature. It goes back to normal when you leave it out for a bit. Fridge is not necessary though unless it is really hot out.

Technically the Danish stuff is not called feta anymore (EU regulations) - not that it matter....

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