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Channel 4 also have some very interesting conversations on Chicken on their fourm as well. Check it out: … 1260053749



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big_smile Yep have to agree with everything thats being said about this topic. As a nation of supposed animal lovers, we are probably the biggest abusers of certain species of animals the world has ever known.
I have to say that I was once one of those people who purchased chickens from super markets and thought I had a bargain if I could get a couple on a BOG scheme. After seeing the reports on TV by Jamie and Hugh, I feel more justified than ever in not buying chicken from super markets.

We buy chickens form a farm shop where the chickens are bred and reared and slaughtered in the same premises. the chickens cost around 15.00 but when I think we can get two healthy adult sized meals, a stock and some soup out of one chicken, plus the fact that we know its provenance we are more than happy to continue buying chicken in this way.

Not long after Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls documentary was aired on national TV, (this was before we found our current supplier.) We went to our local super market to buy a free range organic chicken. The counter for Free range Organic chickens was empty. I asked an assistant if they had any more free range organic chickens left and he replied that they had sold out of them. but tried to sell me one of their poor wretched BOG birds! They had stacks of them left where people were refusing to buy them.  All I could think to say was "Well theres one in the eye for Tescos's"
and a big THANK YOU  to Hugh and Jamie for all they have done for opening our eyes to the way chickens are being treated. The assistant started to get very defensive of Tesco's and I told him not to bother and how great is was to see how the mighty is falling. We've never bought meat there since! thumbsup

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