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Re: Comments on HFW's CH4 programmes

To be fair Lisa, Jamie and Hugh and Gordon are Channel 4's big food stars.  Looks to me like Jamie and Hugh hit upon the same idea through their own production companies and Gordon did his thing.

It's not so much a case of shameless self-promotion as tying stuff together.  Channel 4 is the UK's 4th biggest channel by numbers but the first or second choice for those of us with brains (I'm counting you here!).  I'll bet 3 or 4 million saw what we just saw!

I hate to say it as I'm 36, but "peace out".  wink

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Re: Comments on HFW's CH4 programmes

I really do hope that Jamie & HFW's quests help Great Britains chickens but who is going to then speak up for the far afield chickens who are going to obviously suffer the knock-on effects in the quest fo cheap supermarket poultry costs??

Sorry to be on such a downer but is it not the truth! No matter what though, anything is better than nothing!

Carry on the good work guys. I'm sure a lot of people have reconsidered their choice of supermarket chicken this weekend. x

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Alex G

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Re: Comments on HFW's CH4 programmes

lisamcginn wrote:

After just watching Jamie Oliver's Show I was appauled to see an advertisement for his next series of cookery programmes.

Was it all just an advertising campaign on the sickest level??

At the end of the day C4 need to make money, they do this by boosting viewing figures so that they can charge more for adverts. Obviously Jamie's programs bring in viewers so it would make sense of them (C4) to advertise this fact.

It's worked on me, I didn't know that show existed, but i'll probably watch it.

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Re: Comments on HFW's CH4 programmes

Check out our fantastic review of Jamie Oliver's Recipease on the Latest 7 website! big_smile

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