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Hi I was born in liverpool

Hi Jamie I was born in Liverpool and I have lived in Australia since I was four, could you please send me the recipe for "scouse" sorry for the spelling but I am not sure how to spell it.

If you ever bring your family to Adelaide, please stop by as you are always welcome, I would love to show you and your family around Adelaide, and the Clair valley and the Barossa valley.

Please say hi to your family from me, By the way I love your shows, and your web site, please say hi to your little Italian mentor for me, I think he is lovely.

I tell every one I am a first class pommy B and proud of it. My user name is my favorite holiday as you could have guessed, and if you want a good Christmas web site let me know as I will give you my URL for your little ones; it is family safe and friendly.

Keep up the good work you are doing for the kids in 15, and help us auies to get our kids eating better in our schools we could use your help here too.

Thank you again for you site and books, I have just got to say you are a true inspiration, never give up.


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Re: Hi I was born in liverpool

Welcome Xmasangle (or should that be XmasAngel?)

We had a thread on Scouse a few weeks ago - haave a look here:- … 43#p221443

Afraid you'll have to wait a bit longer for Christmas :-)

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Re: Hi I was born in liverpool

hi from Liverpool this is my first time so here goes. Every family has its own way of making this dish. I use stewing beef you could use neck of lamb onions, carrots celery shredded cabbage water oxo cubes cooked till meat is tender then had diced potatoes Scouse is always better eaten the next day when the potatoes have broken making a thick stew. lots of crusty bread and red cabbage. big_smile Hope this helps xmasangle

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Re: Hi I was born in liverpool

The missing ingredient!

Seen quite a few scouse recipes but all miss one vital item.  Beef, but not just any old beef.  The best beef to use for scouse is 'Shin of Beef'. It will make such a difference to the flavour.


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