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#1 Mon 26 May 08 4:14am


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Double Cream and Creme Fraiche

Hello All,

Does anyone have a recommendation?

I am wondering what in Canada would be the equivilent of double cream?

Also...while creme fraiche is starting to appear in a few specialty food shops here in Toronto what are good substitues for it if I can't find it?

Open to ideas,

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#2 Mon 26 May 08 9:30am


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Re: Double Cream and Creme Fraiche

Hello Wendy -

Double Cream has a butterfat content of 42% which makes it excellent for whipping  and for using in cooking as it will not split or curdle when stirred into sauces.  Heavy Cream, which has a butterfat content of at least 36% would be the best alternative.


Information on this link on substitutes/and how to make your own Creme Fraiche


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#3 Mon 26 May 08 9:38am


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Re: Double Cream and Creme Fraiche

For many recipes a thickish sour cream will do (North American sour cream is thicker than European sour cream).

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#4 Fri 30 May 08 10:49am


From South Africa
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Re: Double Cream and Creme Fraiche

Hi Wendy, to make your own Creme Fraiche -

Use double cream/heavy cream and add as splash of buttermilk.... leave at room temperature over-night.

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#5 Sat 14 Jun 08 4:28pm


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Re: Double Cream and Creme Fraiche

Hi Wendy, better late then never...  I was also on a search in Toronto and finally found both creme fraiche and double cream at the zehrs store.  I found it at the west mall location in etobicoke, by cloverdale mall.  the double cream in in the dairy dept and the creme fraiche is where the pillsberry cookie dough is (??). Expensive but I really wanted to try it.  I am still on a search for tippo 00 flour however.  If you have found some please let me know smile

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#6 Sat 14 Jun 08 10:26pm


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Re: Double Cream and Creme Fraiche

Nother question:

In germany we only got cream with a fat content of 30%, (that's single cream isn't it?) what would i use for double cream?

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