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Sherry cooking wine vs Sherry wine?

I have Sherry cooking wine at home, but is there a real difference besides price if I were to use Sherry Wine?

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Re: Sherry cooking wine vs Sherry wine?

Welcome to the forums alyse   smile

Hardly ever drinking any alcohol at all , I am not realy the best person to awnser this !!

As I see it the cooking sherry is a lower grade fortified wine  to the better drinking sherry.

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Re: Sherry cooking wine vs Sherry wine?

The general rule is if you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it.  If you don't drink, trust others for some basic recommendations for what wines are good for cooking. 'Cooking' wines or 'cooking' sherry isn't really fit to drink, so I wouldn't cook with it.  You use so little, it's worth the price difference to buy a dry sherry.  You don't have to buy the most expensive wines for cooking to get good results.  Whatever unpleasant quality a wine or sherry has before you cook with it, it can lend that flavor to the food and it may even intensify when the sauce is reduced.

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Re: Sherry cooking wine vs Sherry wine?

With any alcohol for cooking I do this:

- use the same you drink with it (unless you want to drink top notch wine with it, then use decent drinkable quality with the food, but don't "waste" the really expensive stuff

- but as you will always get out what you put in never use undrinkable cheapo stuff. Always get a decent quality.

- If whatever I put in the food has been open for some time I usually smell and sample it.

I really don't drink sherry and only have it for cooking - especially dessert. I find dry sherry worse than other sherries (not sure why, as usually prefer dry everything) and mostly have medium sherry. For some savory meals that will come out too sweet though. Once made a divine rabbit in sherry sauce that I specifically bought a bottle. Gave the other half of the bottle to my mom afterwards.... Anyway, I do go through the whole bottle of medium dry sherry for trifles and slightly sweet savory dishes etc. before it spoils but it lasts me quite some time too. So it is quite worth getting a brand name sherry - though not necessarily  the most expensive

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Re: Sherry cooking wine vs Sherry wine?

Sherry is cheap as it is so i'd buy the drinkable stuff. Especially if it's going in a trifle or something where you might taste it.

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