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Expat Chef

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

I've been blogging these last years with all the recipes that I have tried out on my now 3-year-old. It's been an amazing journey as I've realized how much of a myth the American "kid food" menus of nuggets, fries and crap food really are.

Way back, when I was first learning to cook for a child, meats were a challenge. Here is a healthy meatloaf with greens, herbs, tomatoes and veggies in it that kids love: … sine.html.

Almost all the other recipes on the site have been a success with the kiddo as well. Should be some good ideas there.

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

FromMyGarden wrote:

It's not the school lunches that is so bad - my daughter gets a sandwich, two pieces of fruit and a homemade cake for her morning tea and lunch.  The school is very good and the kids cant go and play until they have finished what is in their lunch boxes.  The problem that I have is dinner time - my daughter eats brocolli so she gets that every night - but she doesnt like any other vege.  (allthough we do but spinich into her mashed potato and say its the brocolli leaves).  Any other ideas for getting a range of vege - or shouldnt I be worrying so much if shes getting the brocolli?? hmm

Hi from my garden, does your daughter take home made soup, I find it's a great way to get extra veg in, you can liquidise the end result to disguise whatever other veg you put in. Lasagne or tomato sauce such as you'd use for bolognaise are also good for hiding stuff. If you make your own or even if you don't, add some lightly cooked veg with your jar of sauce, warm it up in a pot and blitz away. I use the stick type blitzer and it's handy to use and to wash up.
One of my lads is not great to eat veg but will eat lots of different fruit so I've given up worrying too much, still sneak stuff in though. You have probably tried some of these but it might help. Good luck.  thumbsup

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

sprayertobi wrote:

your greatest and youngest fan

Are you older than 13? Cos if you are then i'm younger than you. big_smile

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

Hi, I have 2 kids (13 and 10), almost Indonesian people eat rice everyday and so do we. My son and my daughter love to cook fried rice, sometime they put chicken,eggs and some veggie (carrot or broccoli). Basic ingredient are rice,garlic,butter and soy sauce..  wink

When they finish cooking, they gonna serve the fried rice to me and I must act like a guest in their restaurant..  clap

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Zulma Bertram

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

"TARTA PASCUALINA" (Salty Argentine tart)

The tart must be a gross, habitually I buy 5/7 bags of of fresh and cut spinach beets.

Boil the spinach beets with a pisca of salt. When they are cooked, leave them slipping until they are cold.

Then re-suffocate 1+1/2  onion, 1 red big pepper with salt and a pisca of pepper.

Put in a cavity Parmesan enough grated, a handful of pine kernels(pinions), 4 eggs, the onion with the red pepper and the very cut spinach beets. Mix all.

Stretch a piece of made of puff pastry mass and place it in a greased mold. Overturn the prepared of spinach beets, and place the second piece of mass.
Both caps of mass must be closed with a repulgue if you know, or pressing holder. Paint with a yolk of egg and to the oven 180 /200 during 30 minutes approximately. It is possible to serve cold or warm. 

yummy  Zulma

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

My son loves my version of flapjacks.  Just take a normal flapjack recipe:

75g of butter or margarine
50 - 75g light brown sugar
1 tablespoon of golden syrup
175g of porridge oats

and substitute about a third of the oats for chopped dried mango, chopped cranberries or any other dried fruit, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chopped walnuts, chopped brazil nuts, chopped cashew nuts and a dollup of marmalade.

If you spread it quite thinly to cook it then goes lovely and crispy with chewy bits.

Enjoy! Bekx

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

Hi Jamie!

My older one is 4 years old now and he's been a fan of cooking shows for ever - like mum! He sees you on the telly and shouts "Mum, look! there's Oliver!!!" clap  He's been cooking with me since he was 1!/2 and he could stand on a stool and wear his own apron and one of his favourite recipes ever is your pancakes  big_smile
Now he's back to school he loves spaghetti with spinach cream, boiled fish and egg with carrots and chick peas and chicken pies. He's also nuts about fruit and yogurts, can't get enough of them! And you know what? He absolutely HATES hamburgers and most fast food - homemade pizza being the exception.

Hope your "crusade" to change British children's  food habits is going well. thumbsup

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Denise mc

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

My kids (3 and 16 mths) really enjoy lentils with pasta.  It's our standby for when we need to go shopping, or the kids are being fussy with food.

I tin of lentils, drained and washed (don't have time for fresh ones  whistle )
Any veggies you have, ie. one small carrot or half a zucchini (corgette) maybe some onion if your kids like the taste. 
Any small pasta like Stelline - If you haven't got small pasta, bash down big pasta.
And one clove of garlic

Chop the veggies that you use really small. ( I use a mezza luna, which I think is really for herbs question )

Put the lentils and veggies in a pan with some water (enough to stop it sticking to the pan) and the whole peeled clove of garlic.  Cook for about 10 minutes, until veggies are ready and water has reduced.

Cook pasta in a seperate pan.

Add the two together.  Remove garlic clove.  Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and lots of fresh grated parmiggiano.

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The White Rabbit

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Re: back to school / cooking for kids

I haven't got kids but as I was a kid who cooked (mainly cakes and gravy - because my mother couldn't be bothered with it) I liked to make sweets, things that could be taken to share with friends - so biscuits and slices. I also like making potato rosti (not that it was called that then, it was just grated potato cooked in a pan), and a mixture of corn kernels, cheese and pineapple in a bread roll (not as gross as you think).

I did find a great book called kids cooking when i was 23. A young cousin had it and she like that it wasn't kiddy with primary colours and stupid cartoons. it covers all the basics like food safety and has some great recipes (the cherry ripe pudding is great - when i was in my pre-gluten free days).

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