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Kirstie S

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How to cook raw chicken/raw meats HELP!

Hi I am 19 and although i can cook a fair bit, i need help with cooking raw chicken, how long does it take? What pan do you use?
I am a bit scared of cooking meat because I don't want to get it wrong and I used to be vegetarian so I am not used to eating it.

Please help me with cooking chicken for fajitas!

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Re: How to cook raw chicken/raw meats HELP!

Depends how you prepare it.

If you have a leg, it will take longer than a breast (and the same is true whether you cook a whole chicken, or cook the pieces separately).

Since chickens run around and don't fly, they have red leg meat and white breast meat, which will affect flavour and texture, as well as the colour of the cooked meat.

Start off simple. Do a chicken breast. No bones, it's white when cooked and the juices run clear when the breast is pierced, and it should reach a core temperature of 68C, to ensure all e coli and salmonella bacteria are killed.

You can get away with lower temperatures, but the lower the temperature (never go below 60C), the longer it has to hold at that temperature, and the longer it has to cook at that temperature.

As a rough guide, (and IIRC) the core temperature should reach either 60C for 30 minutes, while cooking, 70C for 2 minutes, or 80C for 5 seconds.

As to cooking, here's a quick method for a skinless chicken breast

Heat the oven to 150C

Place a heavy bottomed frying pan (e.g. cast iron) on full heat.

Heat for 5 minutes, then add a small amount of oil (groundnut, olive, rapeseed)

Season the chicken with salt

Place the breast in the pan to sear.

Turn over, using a pair of tongs, after 20 seconds, to sear the other side

Sear the sides, as well

Transfer the chicken to an ovenproof dish with a little oil, some thyme, a thick layer of sherry (1/2 inch) and some juniper berries (you can keep it in the pan, but I don't like to do this, as the pan is still incredibly hot, and will continue to cook the breast at a much higher temperature than is ideal).

Roast the chicken for an hour

Check that the breast is cooked by slicing the chicken in half. The flesh should be white, with no red or pink liquid running out

Cover the breast with tinfoil and let rest for 10 minutes while you prepare accompaniments and garnish

You can also make a jus to go with the dish:

Strain the sherry from the dish, combine with brown chicken stock, reduce over full heat by two thirds, season to taste with salt, black pepper and a few droplets of sherry vinegar.

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Re: How to cook raw chicken/raw meats HELP!

Fajitas are also easy.

Put a pan on full heat
Slice your breast into strips
After 10 minutes, put a little oil in the pan and add your strips
Stir round until the chicken is evenly browned
Reduce heat to medium low, season the chicken with salt and cook for a minute Pick out the biggest strip and slice it in half. If it's cooked, continue as you normally would for fajitas.

(For optimum results, you can prepare a marinade for the chicken before cooking. This marinade must be acidic, and, ideally, be a yoghurt based marinade for Mexican style cooking. Marinade the breast for a few hours before wiping clean and preparing as above)

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Re: How to cook raw chicken/raw meats HELP!

It really depends on how you want the dish to go ..

I marinate chicken and meat in various mixes a couple of hours before cooking according to the finishing sause ..

Mainy I use :
Vengar or wine, ketchup, yougurt, chilli powder, soy sause, chicken seasoning, basel, black pepper, salt, mustard, lemon squeeze, lemon zest ...

The list goes on and on ... the idea is to soften the meat or chicken first but give it a special taste as a base for your final dish at the same time ..
You can either wash the meat and chicken after soaking them or simply make that mix the base of your sause.

About cooking, I usually use a hot pan because it's easier to flip them..

Hope this helps smile

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The White Rabbit

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Re: How to cook raw chicken/raw meats HELP!

Try the ministry of food chicken recipe parmesan chicken with posh ham recipe via … /home.html

there is a video fiel there that talks about cooking chicken

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#6 Tue 21 Oct 08 9:09pm

Jeenas Recipes

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Re: How to cook raw chicken/raw meats HELP!

ALWAYS wash your hands and equiptment after touching chicken.   

It can be handy to have a bowl of hot soapy water near by so you can dip your hands right in and wash them.


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