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Freezing Potato

Hi Everyone on
I was wondering if anyone knew if you can freeze you own potato as they are quite cheap at the moment where I am. I was hoping that I could slice them up like wedges and freeze (like the packet ones you can get). When I make my wedges I cover them in oil and Turmeric then bake. To freeze them would I just slice them and freeze or would be best to oil them and coat them in spices first. Or does anyone know any other way to freeze them so I have a good supply when they go up in price again,

Cheers, Jess. thumbsup

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Re: Freezing Potato

I don't think you can freeze fresh potatoes.

However here is some information on the subject


Potatoes aren't very expensive and if you eat seasonally, then you just have them when they are in season (= when they are cheap)

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Re: Freezing Potato

We've had a glut of potatoes from the garden, so have frozen those we can't use easily.

You need to at least par cook the potatoes before freezing. Here's what I do.

prepare the potatoes, whichever way you like up to the up to the final cooking step.

For instance:-

Roast potatoes, parboiled and chuffed up in oil or fat.

Chips and wedges - either parboil and oil, or deep fry at 140C until soft but not browned.

Slices as for dauphinois or for topping dishes. Slice and parboil, either in water or stock.

Boiling and steaming potatoes. Cut into chunks and parboil briefly.

Mashed potatoes - just mash to final stage adding butter, milk or whatever as you like. Don't make the mash too smooth - a bit of texture helps.

OK - you have your heaps of potatoes ready. Freeze them separately on trays, lined with clingfilm, Mashed potatoes form into thin disks or little cakes.

Once frozen hard, pack in freezer bags, excludes as much air as possible, and seal well.

Will keep for up to 6 months in the freezer.

When you want to use them, use them from frozen. Just allow a little extra time for them to heat up. Chips and wedges can be done in the chip pan or as oven chips in the oven.

Thin of them as a non-cheating Delia cheat :-)

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