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Leeks vs Onions

Sooo many recipes call for onions but onions create problems for some of us.  I have found that leeks are great as a replacement BUT the cost difference is huge.  One onion equals at least two leeks but the cost of leeks is at least 10 times the cost of onions.  How much of the leek can I use?  Most recipes I have call for '... the white" or "the white and the light green stalks" which I have found to equal about one quarter of the plant.  Can I use the remainder in any way? 
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The White Rabbit

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Re: Leeks vs Onions

I think the really green tops are rather tough. I'm not sure you could eat them unless pureed, maybe in a soup. Have you thought about trying to grow your own leeks.

Just a note: If someone has an intolerance to onions they may also have problems with leeks (check with them) as they are from the same family and contain the same chemicals though in differing concentrations at times.

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Re: Leeks vs Onions

Hello shg, and welcome to the forums

What problems are you having with onions?

I notice you work in a Garden Centre - why not buy a bunch of leek sets and grow your own?

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Re: Leeks vs Onions

I use all of the leek if they are tender enough, you can tell when cutting, if the uppermost green seems very dry and fibrous, it may not soften,  using the 'inner' part of the green top is usually fine.  Certainly, you can freeze all those tough ends and use them in a soup stock.

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