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Recipease store launching..

Hi everyone,

We have just launched the website for Jamie's new venture called Recipease. Check out the website for more information:


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Re: Recipease store launching..

Wow, it's beautiful!

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Re: Recipease store launching..

Beautiful website  thumbsup   Are there any plans to open one in Scotland (preferably Dundee  wink  )? 

I really hope this takes off - it's an extremely good idea, and deserves to be a rip-roaring success   crossed

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Re: Recipease store launching..

I hope my daughter comes to see how it's in reality thumbsup , I have mailed her the news you open this new challange

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Re: Recipease store launching..

Whow excellent........... This is much needed for people like me , who want to learn to cook, but have no one to show them.

Any chance of opening one up in Rotherham/ Barnsley area.
I went to Rotherham MOF,for the demos, but they only do the demos at the weekend now, and i cannot make the weekends.
Keep up the good work.

Carn't cook, wanta cook.
Denise smile

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Re: Recipease store launching..

Good Luck folks

Get up to Scotland, I'd love that on my doorstep, I would become a regular face  lol

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Re: Recipease store launching..

What a really great idea, just a shame its so far away. Showing everyone who wishes to know, how to make healthy food is a winner! Sure beats ordering regular takeaway. How cool to be able pick up something really lovely, that's not been sat in plastic for days, but loads cheaper than going out. I am sure it will be a massive success!" Pass it on just" got huge!!!!!!
Jamie, please pass on some of your enterprise down this neck of the woods. We are desperate for something  new in the way of restaurants in this city!  There is not a single place to eat, where, at the end of your meal, you feel that your money well spent! Good luck  thumbsup  crossed

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