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#1 Mon 23 Mar 09 12:43am

Evan Raymond

From Birmingham, AL USA
Member since Sat 10 Jun 06

Chili Oil

Jamie uses a chili oil on one of his shows.  How do you make/infuse it?

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#2 Mon 23 Mar 09 1:32am


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Re: Chili Oil

Get some left over chilli and pour oil over it.  Put in sealed jar and leave for couple of days.  Strain through muslin and hey presto - keep oil in jar.    Same for herbs (good way of using leftovers) and garlic.  Nigella tells of garlic oil and uses in Nigella Express, and it is handy.

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#3 Mon 23 Mar 09 6:47am


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Re: Chili Oil

I  cheat and make it fast with a mini food processor.  I actually cheat all the time--chive oil, basil oil, garlic oil.  I remember there being a spate of botulism cases in the US from flavored oils so I pretty much grind mine up as I need them in very small batches and don't store them very long at all.

So, I put about a small amount of olive oil in the mini processor, about 4 tablespoons.  Then I add the flavorer, and I grind away.  Then I strain it, and sometimes I warm it because that really brings out the flavor.

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#4 Mon 23 Mar 09 7:07am


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Re: Chili Oil

After researching the making of chili infused and herb oils, I also found out about the dangers of botulism.

Calling Dr. Rabbit ???

RWR,  sounds like a good idea. I usually bosh mine up in the M&P and add the oil and then heat.

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#5 Fri 25 May 12 9:03pm


Member since Mon 26 Mar 12

Re: Chili Oil

I distinctly remember him saying, on the chilli and pepper episode of Jamie at home, that he said he had some dried chilli, that he roasted the ground up into some oil..
Surely the drying method should lower the risk of botulism?

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#6 Sat 26 May 12 2:09am


From Western Australia
Member since Tue 24 Apr 12

Re: Chili Oil

Love my chilli oil. I get a few fresh chilli's (have some good ones in my garden a.t.m.), score them, and leave them in some good olive oil for as long as needed. Usually only make small batches.

In regards to botulism, isn't the bacteria normally killed off during the cooking process anyway? It would only be if you are using it in dressings, etc that you may need to be reserved.

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#7 Sat 26 May 12 3:33am


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Re: Chili Oil

Some forms of botulism are resistant to heat, especially in low acid foods.


I don't have a link to a site that gives the pH of various chili peppers, but I believe they are generally low acid.  Always use a tested recipe from a reliable source when canning and preserving.

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#8 Sat 26 May 12 2:15pm


From Serbia
Member since Sun 04 Apr 10

Re: Chili Oil

I seem to remember an episode of Naked Chef when he roasted chilies (a small bulbed variety) submerged in oil. He stuffed the chillies with anchovies and capers, and mentioned that he also ended up with nice chili oil.

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