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Best flour for making bread?

I was just wondering what is the best flour to buy to make a variety of different breads, from plain to savoury and sweet.
Some of my recipe books use SR flour, others the strong bread flour. So not sure which is the best.
Would appreciate any advice, and also any hints you may have for baking great bread. Thanks.

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Re: Best flour for making bread?

Strong flour means there is more gluten in it which helps in creating the structure in bread. You should be able to buy strong flour or bakers flour in the supermarket.

SR flour has added raising agents, that might be a specific thing for some recipes. Check out jamie's bread recipe - i'm sure it's going to be in the recipe section of this site.

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Re: Best flour for making bread?

i tend to use whatever is at hand, but never self raising, thats what the yeast is for isnt it? but im sure my bread would be slightly better quality if i did fork out for some half decent flour ocasionally..... but if you really want to make some fresh bread, jamies recipie is the way to go, never fails me

1kg flour
21g yeast
30g salt
30g sugar
1 pint of tepid water

and if you have to much dough from that recipie the dough freezes really well

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Re: Best flour for making bread?

Well I always bought flour with high percent in protein but lately I have found out that the quality of the protein is more important than the quantity.

The flour which I love making bread with, is something like ground semolina, which develops very strong gluten. I love it because I know how much water it can take. When I try other flours I put something like 60% or less first and knead, then add water slowly slowly till I get as much hydration as I like. I used to put all the water up front, but god it was so difficult, and it got pretty ugly smile

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Re: Best flour for making bread?

I use allinsons strong bread flour from the co-op and it always turns out well.  I've not tried any others...

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Re: Best flour for making bread?

Hi jutta, if you are making yeast based breads, you want to use the gluten in the flour to make it a lovely light loaf, and that means harder (or stronger)  flour ie with more gluten in it. This is often sold as bread making flour.
For quick breads which use baking powders as the raising agent, a softer flour will have better results. Those will likely be the ones wanting SR flour.
I used to look for harder and harder flour, until I read Elizabeth David's Yeast Cookery book, where she delighted in the bread made with the softer English flour. This made me look to appreciate the different qualities of breads and flours.
Hope this helps. smile

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