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Ideas for Homemade Christmas Hamper food.

Hello there,

Just wondering if any of you have any good ideas for food i could make in bulk for lots of Christmas Hampers? Idealy most things would have a long shelf life as i'm hoping to get all my Crimbo jobs done and dusted by the begining of December, but i'd make a few bits last minute if they were really scrumptious..... yummy

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Re: Ideas for Homemade Christmas Hamper food.

interesting one and I hope you get some good replies as I'm going to be doing similar.

Christmas puddings and Christmas cakes are pretty obvious Christmas based ones you could make to go in it though their pretty substantial in themselves but you could make some small ones.

Marmalades/jams/chutney's could also be good, I made some mango chutney as presents last year.  Pretty simple to do.

I've also been doing a bit of flavoured nut making recently which is quick, easy and would last.  Buy a load of mixed nuts or particular sorts of nuts and then roast and flavour them.  I stole one from Nigella on telly last year which is lovely, roast the nuts then toss them in a pan with some butter.  Add a mixture of cajun spice, sugar, salt and rosemary and mix it all in over the nuts with the butter.  Amazing while hot and very tasty when not.

Sugared almonds also went down well which is even easier!

Hopefully some other people have some ideas!

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Re: Ideas for Homemade Christmas Hamper food.

well as far as chutneys go you could make the pineapple one thats is on Foodwise, also Ajvar.


also you could do Jamie's lemon and rosemary salt, you need to make it last minute as it has a shelf life of 30 days, but it's quick and easy looks great.

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Re: Ideas for Homemade Christmas Hamper food.

Its an obvious suggestion but Christmas cake makes a wonderful gift. I always use Delia Smiths recipe which makes a rich dark fruit cake. You can find the recipe on her website under 'The Classic Christmas Cake'. I make it every year and usually start it early November as Christmas cake tastes better when it matures and keeps well as long as you wrap and store it well. Make sure you 'feed' it regularly with some lovely booze. I use Glayva which is a whiskey liqueur as it tastes just like Christmas to me but you can use brandy or other spirits.   

And how about Cranberry Sauce, you can make that in advance and it should keep for up to a year if stored in sterilised jars.

You could also make mince pies and freeze them raw (depending on freezer space) and then bake them a couple of days before you plan on handing out the hampers.  smile

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Re: Ideas for Homemade Christmas Hamper food.

I just had a look at my only Christmas Cookbook which is Nigella Christmas. Her edible gifts recipes include:

Vanilla sugar
Christmas-spiced salt
Steeped Christmas Fruits
Marinated Feta
Olives n Pickled things
Winter spiced vodka (that might be a bit expensive!)
Pomegranate vodka
Honeyed fig vinegar
Christmas chutney
Rich Fruit Chutney
Beetroot and Ginger Chutney
Cranberry and apple chutney
Chilli Jam
Christmas Ketchup
Corn chow-chow
Peanut brittle
Mini christmas puddings

Thought this might give you some ideas. Let me know if you need any recipes.

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Re: Ideas for Homemade Christmas Hamper food.

Have a look here:
and here:
for older threads on the same topic.

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Re: Ideas for Homemade Christmas Hamper food.

Allora just posted a homemade baileys on the blogs that would make a cool xmas gift too.

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Re: Ideas for Homemade Christmas Hamper food.

Its always nice to pick a theme too, savoury or sweet.  Theres are some good ideas already posted that could fit into either, making some truffles would be good for a sweet basket and shortbread is always a winner, I recall my Mother throwing in some shortbread decorated them with green or red castor sugar.  I have no idea how she coloured the sugar would love to know if anyone knows how, all I can think of is food colouring but Im thinking that would disolve the sugar.  hmm   

If it were my basket would definately want truffles, shortbread, mince tarts and a couple of candy canes thrown in for fun.  Pomegranate vodka sounds nice.   big_smile

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Allora Andiamo

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Re: Ideas for Homemade Christmas Hamper food.

i love making hampers for christmas clap and i try and do different things every year (with a few all time favourites)...i've just made these:

Balsamic Pickled Shallots & Garlic … hp?id=2876

and i'll be making this again a couple of weeks before Xmas (it'll only keep for about 1 month in the fridge) :

a Baileys style drink … 25#p465125

and here are a few things i made last year

spiced cranberry sauce … hp?id=1416

mincemeat with marzipan … hp?id=1389

chocolate body scrub … hp?id=1383

i might do the feta in herb,garlic & chilli oil too … hp?id=1275

i usually make a few chutneys & other preserves too but i haven't decided which ones to make yet  hmm i'll post them up as and when i make them  smile

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Re: Ideas for Homemade Christmas Hamper food.

hiya what about a limcello (spelling?) if you have lots of lemons you could start making the lemon flavored drink now, it needs to sit in a dark spot for awhile and is great for summer ( it will be summer in oz, not sure whereabouts you are?) just add sparkling water and ice, yummo! or you could make preserved lemons, very easy to do and look great in a lovely basket. made heaps of chutneys and sauces last year. also made mini fruit cakes, and biscuits. (but word of warning, dont forget to put them in basket if you make them too far ahead..... wink had made all mine in October, cus was trying to get ahead before baby was born and found them in back of pantry in lol

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