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mixer/blender for making pasta dough, is the kitchenaid a poor choice?

Hello everyone! I have just spent so many hours traipsing around the net looking at food processors and stand mixers that my brain is melting.... so help please.

I used to make a bit of pasta by hand (after reading jamies second book back in the day) and it's delicious, i just couldnt be doing with all the mess and my goodness, all the kneading of that tough dough.

I am becoming more and more motivating cooking now (maybe moving to Paris has helped  wink ) and would like to do fresh pasta again, just its too much work to do regularly. So I saw the seemingly amazing kitchenaid artisan with its dough hook and also optional pasta roller and though "great, back to homemade pasta" just chuck in the ingredients, wait a few mins while they are mixed and kneaded, a little hand kneading afterwards then 30 mins later pass it through the pasta roller et voila!

Only the kitchenaids today, after much research seem to be very prone to failure if you do any hardcore mixing in them, despite some improvements to the gears in 2006 (just look at the number of returns and one star ratings for the artisan on, shocking really)

Then I started reading on this forum that the magimix food processor could mix pasta dough. Then I would have to roll it out of course (maybe the artisan would be useful after all.)

SO.... (get to the point!) what is the most reliable way to mix pasta dough, and then knead it with the least manual labour? Oh yes and please, machine that doesnt break down! I would like something that could do, lets say 500g flour with 5 eggs twice a week, that would last 10 years or so.  Can a magimix do this? I have seen that many people have had to have their kitchenaid repaired 3 times in as many years. And this seems to be true even for the pro versions.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree, do the machines just mix the dough, but leave you with 10 minutes hardcore kneading at the end.

Please tell me your good and bad experiences making pasta dough the easy way,

many thanks,


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Re: mixer/blender for making pasta dough, is the kitchenaid a poor choice?

Hey, Yup Know the pain lol
i have burnt out three Kitchen aids,
I finally bit the bullet and bought an english Kenwood mixer
the Major, Brilliant nothing it hasnt handles
and like the Ka it has a roller attachement
link is below
have fun

think the site is kenwoodworld  model i bought was km0020

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Re: mixer/blender for making pasta dough, is the kitchenaid a poor choice?

You burnt out 3 KitchenAides?  How many hundreds of years did you have them?
I've had mine for about 10 now and it's not even close to being on its last legs.
They're **** good machines.  Real work horses.  This is the first time I've heard a bad thing said about them.  If I'm not mistaken, they're still made by Hobart, one of the leading kitchen appliance manufacturers in the restaurant industry.

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Re: mixer/blender for making pasta dough, is the kitchenaid a poor choice?

Welcome to the forum leftfield27 and NzChef

NzChef.... were you using your KitchenAids for some sort of buisness?
I have been using a KitchenAid stand mixer for 6 years now...great machine. I could not have managed to make pasta without the Pasta roller attachments that I bought.

I will admit to having one problem with it , but the after sales service was excellent and I can't complain about that at all.

I only make small amounts of pasta dough at a time and I have found the machine works well.

My sister, has a Kenwood stand mixer that she 'swears by' she would have nothing else !
Kenwoods come with a pile of attachments whilst the KitchenAid is simply the mixer , the attachments you have to buy separately.

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Re: mixer/blender for making pasta dough, is the kitchenaid a poor choice?

Iīve got my KA for a couple years now, as well, and never had problems making pasta with it. I am not making kilos of pasta at once, though, and I never knead the dough till itīs completely done in the KA. I think it does need some handywork to make a perfect pasta dough, because I need to "feel" whether itīs right or not.

The KA is a lot more expensive than other machines because it does come with only little attachments, but Iīve never had any problems with it.

Canīt tell you about any other machines, Iīve only ever had this one.

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Re: mixer/blender for making pasta dough, is the kitchenaid a poor choice?

I love my kitchenaid mixer. I actually got a commercial one, same size as normal but more powerful motor so I am hoping that will be good for pasta. Strangely it was cheaper than the domestic one although it is more powerful and looks the same but only came in white (who cares I say, white suits any kitchen). I got it through a catering equipment supplier. I have yet to try pasta dough in it, as I am planning to do the Recipease class on pasta making next month first, and then I would like to buy a pasta roller attachment for the kitchenaid as I think this will be easier for me, I do lack some co-ordination and often think a third hand would come in handy.

I am very lucky as my mother-in-law is giving me a Magimix 4200 food processor for Christmas but I can start using it as soon as it arrives, hopefully next week!  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile

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Re: mixer/blender for making pasta dough, is the kitchenaid a poor choice?

I mix the dough in a Braun food processor with a blade, knead by hand for a few minutes, refrigerate, then roll using the KitchenAid pasta rolling attachement, great tool, works very well and is easy to use.  I've used the KitchenAid or mixing pizza dough, cake batter, meringue and been very happy.  I recommend that you buy commercial equipment for commerical use, for one thing, it's made to health standards so it can be cleaned thoroughly and take hard use.

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Re: mixer/blender for making pasta dough, is the kitchenaid a poor choice?

O.k. let me comment on the Kitchen aid... What? breakdown? Are you joking?
I am in Canada and I have had mine for probably 15 years and never had to to anything resembling repair. As far as usage ours has ground up approximately 45 deer (the "mince" or "hamburger" part) 5 moose,and about 4 beef!

Then there are the PAILS of tomatoes )5 gallon each,buckets of apples for sauce.
and some normal functions like cakes, cookies, egg whites etc

I too am shocked as I have never heard anything bad about KA's

My mum in law is the head of the culinary arts program at a large college.She has a Bosch at home.
guess what they have in their "mega bucks" state of the art kitchen and bake shop teaching area? Kitchen Aid. If you are still feeling leary about one,buy something commercial.They also come in a large pro series at Costco (aka the devil) Liek any machine look for horse power. If you need alot of power and like that as a feature
(if you do I can relate,as I bought a ridiculous thing "vita mix" my kids call it my "600 dollar "blender" and I say "it's not a blender,it's a MAJOR appliance I think it is 2 horse as it goes like a bat outa **** (plus the devil sold it to me)

When I was young I managed a grain and hand made pasta shop We supplied 2 high end italian restaurants. We had a machine the size of a washer and we would crank out noodles through a die  the size of a dinner plate

Semolina flour only,eggs and precise amounts of liquid.The machine was very fussy and had a built in fan blowing as the noodles extracted. Machine was Italian for sure. Maybe see if you can find something from Italy

Bosch has a large motor but at the big price tag you are better off with something not so plasticy. smile

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Re: mixer/blender for making pasta dough, is the kitchenaid a poor choice?

Hi leftfield,

I'll be honest with you.
My kitchen is well stocked with tools and I don't actually own any KA kit.
But, my company did some work for Whirlpool (who now own KA), a few years ago.
We did a teardown and benchmark of a couple of their appliances vs. competitors.
In each case, using very objective methods, KA or Whirlpool "won".
They weren't the cheapest. They were the best.

I was surprised to read of some of the quality issues on Amazon, so I dug deeper and found this...

"yeah I can answer your question. I just received mine from amazon about a wek or so ago. I was a amazon vote winner. I contacted Kitchenaid, and they told me my mixer was made in August of this year. All mixers made after april of 2007 have metal gearboxes..."

You can read the rest here. … B0006LKLTS

I guess that answers your question. Only buy a KA mixer made after April 2007.

So it looks like some bright spark thought he could save KA a few million dollars and ended up losing them a whole lot more. He probably went off to work on Wall St. after this... hmm

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Re: mixer/blender for making pasta dough, is the kitchenaid a poor choice?

Hey everyone, thanks for the info!

MsPablo, so you use a Braun with a blade rather than a dough hook for the dough? Does it work well, how often do you make dough and which model of braun processor do you have? Does it cope well?

Maddimouse, good to know that you use your kitchenaid for pasta and that it works well.

For the kitchenaids in general, I had seen the change back to a metal gearbox cover etc, and when i loooked at the comments on, most are 5 stars, but even AFTER 2007 there seem to be a lot of breakdowns for the KA. Perhaps this is because if there are a lot sold (being a popular brand in the US) there will obviously be a certain failure rate and the more sold, the more failures, still it worries me a bit. However, i do find the machine bloody beautiful and would love a bright red one on the kitchen top!

Re the magimix 5200, i thought that this would be great, but again I read 3 reviews on amazon uk where the drive shaft melted while making dough....

So everyone, favourite machine to make dough that is rock solid? I'm leaning towards a quality processor initially, then towards a kitchen aid/kenwood later (cheapest thing first huh?)



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