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2 hens + Eglu for a good home

I have 2 Miss Pepperpot who are with me since 11Sep08 (they arrived as
point of lay).  Unfortunately, I am unable to continue to keep them for
much longer.

Both good layers but one of them is moulting at the moment.  The moulting
hen (Aretha) is very sweet as she will come to me when I let them out. Her
moulting process is rather quick (most feathers have grown back about week
and a half).

They come with a blue eglu.  Any extra feed materials and 2-3 storage bins

Collection only from Notting Hill.   email me at peisiong at gmail dot com

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Re: 2 hens + Eglu for a good home

Welcome to the forum ,I have a friend that is looking to keep chickens , I will let her know about your post chairmanmeow.

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Re: 2 hens + Eglu for a good home


If you still have your hens and home we can probably help you. We have a small (but growing) community of rescue hens living in our garden in Norfolk, where they enjoy a safe and organic free-range lifestyle.

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