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Former West Virginian Living in California

Just wanted to say "hello." I grew up in Parkersburg, which is about 130 miles north on 77.

When I watch the show, half of the time I'm laughing, and half of the time, I'm crying. The fight is not just the habits, it's also the Appalachian culture.

I now live in California, and while my family & friends ask when I'll be back to West Virginia, I can't in good conscience choose to raise children there knowing exactly the things that you show in your program. My siblings and I all felt that way. My brother and his children are in Illinois, and my other brother went to Florida.

WV's top export is their youth -- and your show highlights a big reason why.

Thank you so much for all that you are doing. While I'm so very homesick, we hope that when we come home for the holidays that we see the continued impact.

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Re: Former West Virginian Living in California

Don't know where in CA you live, but I feel very fortunate to have fresh produce that is affordable and so good and no shortage of organic produce.  And there's so much of it all during the year.  And I won't even go into good, affordable wine. thumbsup

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