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Miss GlutenFree

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Re: Food Revolution in Australia


5 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. At the time, I had no idea what it was (it's an inflammatory bowel disease that can only be treated, no cure at this stage) and no clue as to how much it would impact my lifestyle and eating habits. Back then, I used to eat the usual array of crap that a teenager/early 20's person would. Fast food. My parents always made healthy meals but in all my teenage wisdom, when I was out with friends, it would always be take-away. Chips, cheese & gravy, Macca's, Hungry's, Subway (I worked there too and it isn't always healthy). The list went on.

Upon my diagnosis, by a processs of intense elimination it was revealed that I am now gluten and lactose(with the rare exception of cheese) intolerant. This was a HUGE wake up call for me as even the slightest bit of food with excess fat/oil/dairy/gluten makes me ill. I had to change my diet drastically and now see it as a sign of better things for me. Had this not happened I doubt that I would have fully realised just how good a well balanced, healthy diet is for you.

I have loved watching you shows from the beginning (since high school) and am constantly inspired by your dishes. Naturally I have had to change a few things around ie. Baked sausages on tomatoes that you did in the woodfired oven - I've adapted it to include gluten free sausages, gluten free tomato/pasta sauce (I can't tolerate too much acid from the tomatoes and just generally don't like them) and to boost it up I add potatoes, pumpkin, carrot and onion. Served with rice, it's a favourite of everyone who I serve it to.

Your strength and sheer determination to help people out and realise how unhealthy they are is amazing. I, and many others that I know, fully support you in every aspect of your food revolution and would love to see it here. I strongly believe that if you combined your efforts with Stephanie Alexander & Maggie Beer, you would be a true hero. I don't know if you realise how much you have inspired people, even in rural areas like Bundaberg where I live. I know of a group of guys who all watch your show and spend their spare time competing in chilli jam making competitions between themselves. They also band together and make casseroles and stews in the slow cooker they bought so they don't have to eat at a pub every night.  Imagine if this happened all across the country!

Thank you for all of your work to date and good luck for the future, you have a very strong following here.


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Re: Food Revolution in Australia


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Re: Food Revolution in Australia

Hi Jamie,
While i was at hospital i was wathching your US food revolution series and was so inspired by your passion and willingness to change the eating behaviour amongs People.
Health is so important.

The world needs more people like you in every industry who care for others.
Since watching the show i was inspired and wondered wow wouldn't it be a great idea if Australia would have the same program and its great to hear that MOF is now comming to Australia.
My brother in law who works for a Good Guys retail outlet in Melbourne told me about it and i think his Boss was actualy the one involved with the establishment of MOF Australia.

With a family history of health related issues and looking at the junk food at my kids school canteen i am more then happy to get involved with MOF.
Firstly i would love to learn how to cook ...the healthy way as i dont do much cooking
Get my kids 9 year old son is so passionate about cooking and wants to be a chef and have his own restaurant.
Get my kids school involved with jamies home cooking skills
I want to encourage my parents to eat healthy as they should be watching what they eat.
My wife and i are dreaming and praying to start a cafe business soon and would love to integrate your cooking methods and recipes
It would also be great to promote your programs at the local commmunity farm  markets,we have a great Community Farm market in Eltham,Melbourne which i am hoping to visit soon but just not had the opportunity to do so

Great work

I look forward hearing from you


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Re: Food Revolution in Australia

Hi Jamie,
I hear that you are coming to Australia, and am very excited.
I am currently organizing a community based project  to help save lives and prevent people from having heart attacks.

My dad died of a heart attack when i was 21 and i want to prevent others from having to experience the same pain i did. It had a huge impact on my life, and instead of throwing money at a cause, want to make a real difference to my community. Change the way people cook.
Starting in November, I plan to hold cooking demonstrations at the Geelong Hockey Association, and teach heart attack victims and their families healthy cooking techniques that may just save their lives.
What would make a real difference and get the listening of the most people in my community is to have a u, Jamie Oliver with the fame, culinary expertise and drive to create healthy eating, come along and advocate my project. If this is possible, or if you have any suggestions for me, please be in contact.

I eagerly await your response.


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Re: Food Revolution in Australia

Hi Jamie, my husband tells me you are coming to Mt Isa in QLD, is this true? or is it a wicked rumour? I'm a chef and was trained at Cassio College in Watford. When my kids were in primary school I ran the tuck shop at their school (we don't have school dinners like the UK) I was there when smart choices was brought in and was responsible for writting the menu and implementing it. Apparently my menu was used as a bench mark for the area. I would love to meet you and help in any way I can, so if it's true that you are coming here don't hesitate to contact me.
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Lotus Blossom

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Re: Food Revolution in Australia

Hi Crew,

Let's see.. how to begin? I'm representative of a growing number of individuals who have sustained an acquired brain injury (abi). In many instances there is a struggle after sustaining our abi to cater for ourselves nutritiously.

I would passionately love to learn and spread the word where possible, on how people with an abi can cook simple, tasty nutritious food. In many instances this would also return a large amount of independance to the person who has sustained the abi. Look forward to any suggestions.

Lotus Blossom xx
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Re: Food Revolution in Australia

Welcome Lotus Blossom! Good luck with your quest.

You might also be interested in my idea which is for a network of cafes that provide delicious, nutritious affordable meals for people who find it hard to cook for themselves. I would be interested for your feedback on it, my email is on the contact page there. smile

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