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#1 Thu 26 Aug 10 7:47pm


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Jamie´s food revolution

Hi Jamie,

Probably you won´t have time enough to resd his email. I am from Brazil and I always have been concerned about healthy food. Unfortunately we are living in a junk food world and here in Brazil it is not different. The people here are getting fat day by day.
Your TV show and Food Revolution program is fantastic. It is sad when some persons don´t understand your worry about the children meals in the schools.
To making an analogy, it is like all over the world is concerned about global warming but it is hard to change many minds . The bad results will appear when it is too late.
So, I can imagine how har is to convince the people to exchange their habits. My modest suggestion would be to engage a Medical support(Famous Dr. for instance) in your Food Revolution and make a good action plan to get better results.
Your Food Revolution program is amazing but the problem here is how to change bad habits and old cultures. Get a good action plan with medical area will have better results I believe.

My best wishes and success on this. It can save and prevent many children for future diseases.

Best regards,

Felipe Jeckel smile

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#2 Sat 28 Aug 10 12:38am


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Re: Jamie´s food revolution

Dear Jamie: In Mexico, by 2050 at the rate we are going, half the population may suffer from diabetes.  This is due to the invasion of American fast food and our own processed foods such as cakes, cookies, soft drinks, and other high-sugar, high simple carbohydrate foods.  Some of the poorest sectors of our population suffer the most from overweight and obesity because these inadequate foods are readily available, relatively cheap, give a temporary sugar high with the energy associated with it, and are pre-packaged, which makes it easy for mothers (usually overworked) to send them with children to school instead of taking time to make more healthful foods.  The traditional Mexican meals, all home made with fresh ingredients and with the main-stay corn tortilla (a complex carbohydrate rich in calcium) are going by the board in too many homes.

A movement is afoot, however, to change this because the financial implications for our health system when half the population has diabetes are unthinkable.  All my friends, my children and even grandchildren, are making strides to eat a healthier diet, and I have passed on your recipes as part of this campaign.  I am semi-retired and have planted my own small garden, I make compost, buy organic when available, and I'm dedicating myself to learning how to cook at a whole other level now that I really have time to do so.  The Food Revolution is one of the most worthwhile efforts anyone has ever started, because a fat, sedentary population with poor nutrition is a recipe (yes, a pun!) for disaster, a disaster no one can afford.  The very best to you and your work.
Karen Batres

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#3 Sat 28 Aug 10 12:55am

Stella Heath

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Re: Jamie´s food revolution

Welcome Karen, and Felipe.

We all need to make an effort to counteract the effects of 'cheap' food marketed by the multinationals, and to realise that what we have always had at hand is not only cheaper, it's healthier.

I hope Jamie's Revolution will make a real impact in your respective countries, before it's too late. The obesity problem is extending all over the world, and we are throwing away perfectly edible food  because it doesn't meet certain standards, and at the same time world experts are suggesting that we may need to eat artificial meat created in vats by 2050 (The Guardian Weekly, 20th-26th Aug, 2010)

Espero que me hayas entendido, Felipe. No sé portugués, pero si quieres, te lo pongo en español.

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#4 Mon 30 Aug 10 3:32pm


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Re: Jamie´s food revolution

Thanks, Stella!  Nice to  meet you here.  Recently I was researching a topic for an article I was writing, and I found out that about two-thirds of the food prepared each day in the United States (restaurants, fast food, supermarket foods past expiration date, etc.) is thrown out.  This information came from the Union of Concerned Scientists a while back and I haven't updated it recently, but the mind boggles nevertheless.  What are we doing, for gosh sakes? 

Gracias por el mensaje en español, Stella!  Viva el movimiento!

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#5 Sat 25 Sep 10 12:34am


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Re: Jamie´s food revolution

You got me back into cooking with your basic at home style.  I love how you cook in your garden.. so do I!  Let's be truthful... how many of us really cook like all those HGTV chefs in their fancy kitchens. I support your uphill battle to change school food programs.

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