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Quinoa Question is driving me quackers...

how do you cook quinoa? is it like rice? or like couscous?

and you know how rice is a risk food ie you don't chill it for long etc, well does quinoa have any of the same problems? if i cook some and keep it in the fridge how long can it last?

and finally, what's the final texture supposed to be?

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Re: Quinoa Question is driving me quackers...

from what I understand it has the look and consistancy of cooked cousous, and takes about 15 minutes to cook at a simmer.  I would assume that it has the same life length as a rice or couscous and probably freezes well too.  If you go to you will find loads of recipes and reviews from others that have cooked those recipes.  you might also check out they have a Great database for serching recipes.

  Good luck and let us all know how it turns out!!

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