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How slow can I roast a 2kg pork shoulder?

Hi all, this is my first post so I'm not sure if I'm in the right place?!?!

I'm having friends round on Wednesaday and was planning to cook a shoulder of pork.

Now there's only 6 of us having 3 courses (4 girls as well in that mix) so I thought 2kg would be fine given I'm on a limited budget and I bought the best quality meat I could from a local butcher.

However, I thought if I put the meat on with about 2L of stock and red wine, double covered it in tin foil and cooked it from 8am-6pm at 100c I'd be fine.

When I got home I was going to whck the heat up to crisp the skin off and reduce the liquid.

However, my butcher seemed very sceptical!!!

Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks very much.


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Re: How slow can I roast a 2kg pork shoulder?

Welcome to the forum Tom  smile

Its always best that you just post the question that you want to be answered only once otherwise it will get confusing.

There are a few answers on the other thread that you posted the question on .

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