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Jamie you are a saint & deserve a medal for promoting healthy eating

Hi Jamie

I am not sure if you or your team read posts but I hope you get a chance to read this one.  I have never written on a forum before but felt compelled to do so after watching your latest TV show in the US.

I believe that what you are trying to achieve is truly admirable and that you deserve a sainthood or something for perservering or even starting your food revolution.  The opposition that you come up against is amazing and literally gobsmacking.  The narrowmindedness and inability to see what you are trying to achieve makes me at times truly worried.

I myself am a parent of 2 young children and try to do all I can to provide healthy, homecooked meals & a healthy diet.  I myself have come across opposition in this area when I asked at the nursery for my son & daughter to not be given the puddings but fresh fruit instead.  I of course only had their best interest at heart but you would have thought I'd asked for them to be excluded from anything that was fun!!  I do of course allow my children treats such as cakes, biscuits & chocolate but I feel this should be my choice to give them when I want and not a daily occurence.  Learning a healthy diet goes along with learning all the other life skills needed so I believe this should start in nurseries and schools, just as you do.

You have truly inspired me to believe that what I am doing is right for my family & my children and that we should not be afraid to continue to challenge others views.  You have started this mammoth task in the UK & now the US and I truly applaud you for attempting such a daunting task.  I hope you are successful and change does happen as too many lives seem to be affected and destroyed by something that is so simple & yet also so enjoyable too.

Healthy eating can be learned and we can all learn to love it & most of us do naturally.  I just wanted to let you know that there are like-minded people out there who totally support you and what you are trying to do so please, please never give up - you are an inspiration to us all.

thank you

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Re: Jamie you are a saint & deserve a medal for promoting healthy eating

Well said TTcat


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