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We're inviting you to ring your food revolution to Kauai Jamie!

Iv'e just heard that the LA unified school district has turned down ABC's offer to take on your school lunch food revolution. Come to Kauai, Jamie!  I'm a parent at Island School who is spearheading our own pilot project and we have just been given the go ahead to transform our cafeteria! We want to serve fresh, made from scratch local food that will be the students' most nourishing meal of the day. It's harder out here in the middle of the ocean where 90% of what we eat arrives by ship, but we are also blessed with a multi-ethnic population, year-round organic gardens, fresh caught fish and exotic tropical fruits that would inspire you to dream up wonderful new dishes. Please come! Aloha!    thumbsup

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Re: We're inviting you to ring your food revolution to Kauai Jamie!

Aloha, Islandschoolmum wave.

You're tempting me to come, at least.  big_smile

Congratulations on your efforts, too.

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Re: We're inviting you to ring your food revolution to Kauai Jamie!

Hello all,
This is our first post ever, not sure if this the right forum

Sorry to hear that LA wont be on the list, so upsetting
Keep at it, surely something will happen if the matter is pursued further and further

We would like to ask for some help from all you Jamie Oliver fans.
We are four College students enrolled in a Health and Environmental class in Herzilya. Our task was to choose a particular health area. Jamie Oliver sprung to mind. 
       We are attempting to implement Jamie's Feed Me Campaign as a mock class project, hopefully with the feedback we get back, the information can be passed forward to Jamie.

thats why we all love Jamie.........
      He knows how to utilize his surroundings and maximize flavour with local secrets, tastes and talents. Help us out Jamie Oliver fans so Herzilya, Israel can also eat healthy meals

Our next task is to create a 60 second spot, for children between the ages of 13-18 to eat healthy and smart.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks .....
Can't wait to check out what Jamie's got in the kitchen today.

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