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Food Revolution

Hi to Jamie & Staff,
Good on 'ya! 

My son & I love your books & shows - so inspiring.  (He wants to make potato salad tonight with peas & ham etc.)

William (my 6yr-old son) attends LA Unified schools - he's at Canfield School on Airdrome Blvd. 

I am SOOOOOOOO irritated LA Unified turned you down on your food revolution.  I feel this is political.  Can't fight the system sort of thing.

William attends a food class through the STAR program - maybe you should talk to them. (LA Unified is too busy defending their whatevers.)

STAR program is much more open.  It's an after-school program with enrichment classes.  The kids are there after 2:30 each day.

Daria at STAR would be your contact.  She has been struggling with some of the people teaching foods.  She would be the person who would get excited about your revolution.  I could help too!!!!

I am also open to private parties.  For Halloween, we had a magician for 30 kids...  the magician said they were the best-behaved 6-yr olds he'd ever seen and they had a blast.

Let's get chips out, obesity down, energy to run laps for Coach (also an excellent contact at Canfield - kids LOVE to run laps for him).

You are inspirational & exciting for kids & adults.

Don't give up on us!
Luvs, Kimberly Foy

Let me know what I can do (remember, can't fight the system).

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Re: Food Revolution

Thank you for your post Kim and welcome to the forums

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