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Reheating lamb twice?

Hello all

I'm having go at trying to recreate an old soup/stew recipe that my nana used to do with breast of lamb (lamb lap in my neck of the woods).

I've braised the lamb with some root vegetables and bouquet garni and strained off the stock so that I can separate the fat from the stock.  I've also stripped the meat from the fat to put back into the finished dish.  My question is:

I know I'm okay with reheating my lamb one time (in the finished dish tonight) but would it be safe to reheat a second time for lunch the following day?

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.


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Re: Reheating lamb twice?

I was always told that you should only reheat meat once, but I will stand corrected if thats the wrong advice. ( sorry not much help really )


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Alex G

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Re: Reheating lamb twice?

At home I would if I knew it had been above 75c (so bacteria is killed) but I don't have a thermometer to measure this, sorry I can't give a definate answer but I hope this helps somewhat.

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Re: Reheating lamb twice?

You should be fine.  We do that sort of thing a lot, and as long as you're keeping it in the fridge overnight, I wouldn't worry.

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The White Rabbit

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Re: Reheating lamb twice?

Should be ok, just heat well. I assume you can't remove a portion to keep refrigerated.

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Re: Reheating lamb twice?

We often eat leftovers, but I usually only reheat enough for the meal we're going to have, and leave the rest in the fridge or freezer.  But yep, I think it's fine too, as long as it's kept chilled or frozen for storage and reheated well for eating.

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Re: Reheating lamb twice?

Lordy Lordy, dont worry.

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Re: Reheating lamb twice?

Cooked meats should only be reheated once.

I suggest that you simply just reheat the quantity you need at the time and leave the rest in the fridge.

When the soup is reheated it should be bought to a high temperature and kept there for quite a few minutes .
The reason for this is that it helps to kill any
organisms that might have developed in the soup.(Meaty soup is an ideal medium for some organisms to grow ).

Whist you should be fine , as others have said already , you are better off only reheating the soup once .

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Re: Reheating lamb twice?

two very good reasons not to continue to reheat leftovers more than once.

toxins and spores

There are many bacteria that produce toxins or spores that are harmful to human health  and while you may kill the bacteria during reheating ,the toxins and spores are unaffected by the heat.

The more times you reheat, the more time the food is in the danger zone for bacteria growth, and the greater the  levels of toxins or spores that can accumulate

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Re: Reheating lamb twice?

Once cooked, twice reheated and then thrown out if theres any left...either i had made too much or that it wasn't that much apprecieated.

Mostly though it has already been stocked in the freeze before the fatal third heat.

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