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From Hart
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Anyone have a recipe for Woodcutter Steak (Holzfaeller Steak?!)...

Hey all

Bit of a long shot this one but here goes...

I remember talking to a guy a few years ago who spent some time living and working in Germany.  During the course of the evening the topic of conversation moved around to food and whatnot and he told me about his favourite dish, the Woodcutter Steak.

I remember being told that it was a pork based dish which included bread (rye bread?) among other things which was finished off in the oven so that the bread soaked up the gravy (I'm guessing that this might be a particular local version of the dish perhaps?).

I've googled it and been able to find this picture which perhaps gives away some of the obvious ingredients

I'd love to give it a go though as it sounds like a rather tasty dish so if anyone has a (preferably tried and tested) recipe that they'd be able to share, that would be wonderful.



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Re: Anyone have a recipe for Woodcutter Steak (Holzfaeller Steak?!)...

Hi Jon,

Great question! I am currently working on Jamie's brand new YouTube Channel which is launching in January 2013. Could you send me a email via this forum so I can get in touch with you directly regarding how we might be able to use some of your great questions on the channel?



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