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Cooking with mackerel....

Hi everyone

This week's voting question is a simple one.... have you ever cooked with mackerel? Back in Aus I think the mackerel that my Dad used to catch was very different then what is caught here in the Northern hemisphere.

What are your tips for cooking mackerel? What are some of your favourite recipes?



ps - more info for you on Young's Chop Shop Mackerel here -

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Re: Cooking with mackerel....

Hi there Danny,
Mackerel is a very undervalued fish here, its very cheap and theres not very demand for it. When I fish I only keep the ones with a decent size - say from 1kg on - the smaller ones are either sent back to the ocean or used as bait. However they're an amazing fish to catch due to the fight they put in.

anyway as to recipes, not being a favourite fish I've a few only. I can roast them in the oven with onions, garlic and some herbs - oregano goes very well, simply grill them in charcoal and serve with boiled potatoes, salad and some vinagrette or - one of my favourite ways - do a escabeche which is similar to a ceviche (in fact its the other way around) and that goes very well specially in the summer which is just beggining to show up.
One of the most common recipes here (not among my favs) is to leave them overnight covered in salt, then on the following day remove all the salt and boil them in a pan with onions, garlic and bay roll

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Re: Cooking with mackerel....

I had a go cooking them on the bbqm stuffed with some herbs, but I'm not keen on eating fish, and really didnt like them...................
but our cat did  hmm

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Re: Cooking with mackerel....

yes I do … p?id=69768

it's a very popular fish here and in Sicily, though I dare say it's cheaper and fresher here.
It's also medium between 300 and 400g a piece. It's easy to cook, it's meaty and hasn't got a strong flavour which means you can cook it with sauces and other things, here we BBQ it in tin foil, I also cook it that way in the oven, or we flour it and fry it with a caramelized onion sauce the Sicilian way, it's also good with a simple tomato and basil sauce or over potatoes in the oven.

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Re: Cooking with mackerel....

Yes I have cooked Mackerel .I can't remember the recipe , but
I remember pan roasting it and serving it with a fresh tomato and onion sauce.
I have also cooked it on the BBQ which was successful .

There is a lovely looking recipe in Mitch Tonks book 'Fish , the complete fish and seafood companion' the recipe is for poached Mackerel salad with a horseradish dressing.
I had not thought of poaching mackerel before I read the recipe as it is a a pretty oily fish , but i plan to give the recipe a go in a week or two as I get back to cooking more and my daughter who eats fish will be home .

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Re: Cooking with mackerel....

It's a great fish, oily and meaty so can withstand strong flavors like rosemary etc.  My favorite way to cook it is on the outdoor grill and then drizzle it with a lemon vinegraitte greek-style.  Come to think of it, that's pretty much how I like to make any fish lol.

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Re: Cooking with mackerel....

I just LOVE this recipe

I think it's my favourite fish recipe if not my favourite recipe at all. It's a match mad ein heaven, you really have to try it. … 02%29/2969

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Re: Cooking with mackerel....

Yep, filleted with Gooseberry Sauce.

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Re: Cooking with mackerel....

I use smoked mackerel for sandwiches:

- country-style baguette hollowed out, filled with boursin, lemon, red onion, sweet bell pepper, tomatoes and arugula.
-Flat Finnish breads are great with similar fillings.

We don't find fresh mackerel at the fishmongers all that often.  I like it grilled Japanese-style, over charcoal, served with grated daikon and lemon.  Another favorite from a Japanese restaurant in Paris - a donburi made with minced mackerel in a sauce.  I wish I had that recipe.

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Re: Cooking with mackerel....

Mackerel is the one fish we will all eat, I tend to BBQ in the summer with a little blackpepper and lemon juice, Like MsP I love Smoked mackerel in sandwiches with a little water cress.  If I cook indoors, its wrapped in tinfoil to make a parcel with lemon, chilli and some fresh herbs, and lots of crusty bread to eat with eat  yummy

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