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Jamie at home in California???

Hi Jamie
  May i begin by saying how truly impressed I am by your  food philosophy.  This is only matched by your absolutely fantastic Jamie at home opportunity and product line.  I am a mom of two, a home cook, and happy gardener who can really see the full circle of what you are trying to do. I have my Masters degree in psychology from the Univ of New York and enjoy helping others.  I noticed on your website for US that we do not have the opportunity to be a Jamie at home consultant or have access to that specific product line, which is much more reasonably priced ( ie affordable for us regular penny pinching people!) I would like to respectfully ask if you would consider allowing a satelite branch of Jamie at home for me to area in Southern California ( Orange Co) is very concerned and open to fast fresh fantastic food and adorable products as well. I read that you were in LA and were frustrated ( i can certainly understand that!!!) I think starting out a bit smaller here would be a steady and growing place to nurture your ideas and bring such joy to food...please consider and God Bless You.  Mrs Kim Cota smile

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