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Please help my pumpkins! :(

I am growing pumpkins for the first time this year and they're not doing very well. I have strong plants with thick vines and healthy leaves but the fruits are just not happening.
Most of my female flowers will not even open before they turn pale and drop off. I know about hand pollinating but if the flower doesnt even open then they can be neither hand pollinated or allow for natural pollination! I have loads of male flowers!!
Also the pumpkins that i do have, one about the size of a golfball and one the size of a cricket ball, both pollinated and both looked fab but then the smaller one started turned yellowy white and just dropped of and died. the second is not happening to the larger one.
I can't see any see of the usual suspects bug wise and have watered them and looked after them.
Can anyone help! i am now left with just one shivelling pumpkin from 5 plants each a couple of metres long!
sad sad

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Re: Please help my pumpkins! :(

Hi Abster,
It sounds like you are having a rough season. I imagine the answer might be in the weather or the soil. Or even in the variety of pumpkin?
I think I have only ever got pumpkins by accident, but in every case the vine was metres and metres long! I think I pinched off the end (or accidentally walked on it) and new arms would grow to make it a much larger mass. It could take up 4 metres square! Maybe 6!
Good luck with the last remaining pumpkin! I hope it grows bit and fat! crossed

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Re: Please help my pumpkins! :(

Hi abster, hope you have lots of space for those pumpkins.

We used to have pumpkins that regularly came up in the compost heap, they seem to like a lot nourishment, as we had the compost heap in a damp spot they didn't need a lot of water. We also used to get paving bricks and put maturing pumpkins on them to keep them out of contact with the earth so that bugs couldn't burrow into them. Kept them on the vine till the vine totally died away so that they ripened properly at the end of the season, they kept better that way.

I can remember pulling the bits off the male flowers and cutting a little hole in the female flowers to hand pollinate but the later ones that started naturally really worked better.

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Re: Please help my pumpkins! :(

Make sure you water well......try and cut the travelling vine .................give it some sort of feed try tomato feed... try anything due to the weather changing so much now !!

cookinlovebird  crossed

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Re: Please help my pumpkins! :(

Found a site where a person explained the problem of the dying fruit:

'Don't worry about it. This is one of the most common questions we see, posted here, about this time of year. The plant isn't ready to support those female flowers. But, when it grows more, it will begin to set fruit. It's just nature's way to protect the plant until it has the support system to mature fruit'.

Patience is a vertue smile the plants are too young...

Liked this one too:

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