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Re: My pet just

My lads have gone feral !
They've had 3 weeks of no control, sleeping on furniture and lead pulling... back to schooling boys. Given a soft touch they take full advantage.
The governess is home.

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Re: My pet just

JoyYamDaisy wrote:

A thread to share what those pets of ours have been up to!

My pet is my daughter's little black and golden cat, Miso. I just found my elderly neighbour propped on her walking frame seat, on the nature strip, taking in the sun.
Miso was sitting companionably beside her, sharing the moment.
Mrs Chen was so delighted. And they made such a lovely picture! smile

I love my pets but having troubling time with them in festive season. I am really worried for my newly purchased commercial carpet cleaning gold coast, my dog "sheri" might ruin it.

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Re: My pet just

Lucy doesn't want to walk on the's funny to watch.  She can't 'sniff" the grass so she gets confused as to were to potty.  I try to clear off a patch of grass but, it's not always easy. Right now we have at least a foot of snow, then add the snow plow mountains...some over 6 feet high....she is going to have a rough winter.

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