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The aftermath of LA school lunches

Here's some food for thought. I recently came across this article on jezebel

(apparently my first few posts can't contain links... so if you want to see the article, google "Jezebel, kids reject LAs new Healthy School Lunches, Compare Them To Dog Food". The gist is that though the LA schools have changed to healthier menus, kids still think the food taste gross, probably because they're being prepared poorly.)

After all that great work Jamie did in LA, it's kind of sad that this is happening. My first thought is, as an LA-er myself, I know for a fact people here are much more willing to try strange and new foods than most other places in the States, so the whole argument that kids reject healthy foods because it's "unfamiliar" is probably inaccurate. So it would seem that somehow, the miracle of sustaining massive amounts of high quality healthy food on a low budget year-round is just not holding up.

But then, I remembered when I visited China as a kid (10 yrs ago?), I found that for the equivalent of 50 american cents, a kid there had a good portion of rice, veggies, soup, and meat, all cooked pretty decently, no preservatives. (I was a subsidized lunch kid and I think I paid $2 a day for burgers and fries.) So I know it's possible for people to cook massive amounts of high quality food on a daily basis using very little money. So... what exactly is going wrong?

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mr spice

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Re: The aftermath of LA school lunches

good question...mmm hmm

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Ms Kira

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Re: The aftermath of LA school lunches

I think adults in LA are far more likely to try all kinds of new and exotic and/or healthy things, but not kids. Kids want what's yummy, what's on the commercials, what their friends are having. They basically want to snack all day on junk. If they don't eat broccoli at home, they're certainly not going to tolerate it at school. America really needs to be strict about advertising and the food pyramid and all of that - to only tell the truth about food and not lies, but with huge corporations funding the government, many many types of conflicting information abounds, most of it being completely untrue, so how are people to really know what's what?

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