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Ten rules for growing chillies and sweet peppers

Chillies and sweet peppers are heat loving, long-lived plants that must be started as transplants. Seeds are sown early in the year, and the seedlings that come up are then pricked out and grown in small pots or modular trays. In about 8 weeks, they grow into transplants which are then transferred to their final place in the garden. To the uninitiated pepper grower, they can seem quite fiddly to grow, so we have come up with ten simple rules that will help guarantee their success:

More here:- … t-peppers/

Anyone got any new varieties they are going to grow this year?


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Re: Ten rules for growing chillies and sweet peppers

Managed to get my hands on Macedonian Fringed chillies ( … C08348.jpg) gonna have a go at growing them. It's an old variety and these thigs are litteraly bursting with flavor.  yummy

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