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Help with Salad

Hi guys smile

I am new and a bit eeep at the moment.

Anyhow... I am desperately seeking salad :P one that does not make me want to throw up sad I was 22 stone last year and now a fat but healthier 13 stone and struggling now to get to 9 I am currently having a terrible time at it, for the last year I have eaten, two slim shakes per day and one salad, every day, except once a fortnight when the hubby takes me on a date and I can have scampi or other stuff I desire. My salad is this.

4 Small cherry tomatoes
1 serving of lettice one of the baby gem things
1 peace of cheese grated
and real mayo.

I tried eating differently but it would not shift so basically that's been it for a year and the weigh went, but now since Christmas it wont budge, and I can barely stomach a salad, please can anyone give me a yummy recipe for a new salad that will tickle my taste buds, I am a recovering fatty (my prob a mum who knew no better, breakfast was a pack of biscuits dipped in tea) you can guess where all that lead.

Allergy to:

Peppers of any kind
Spices sad

Nuts are good, that's it any help would be hugely appreciated.
oh its a 0 carb - low carb diet.

Huge hungy hugs
Moonie whistle

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Re: Help with Salad

Welcome Moonlake,
Congratulations on reaching a much healthier weight!

If I am making a salad to be a meal in a bowl I really look at it having a range of tastes and textures. I love experimenting with different greens and try to grow lots so I can pick them fresh.

The baby gem have a soft sweet taste, while rocket leaves have a bitterness, sorrel gives a lemony sharpness, and so on.

I like using spring onions or chives to add that touch on onion that peps it up so well.

I love looking out at what is the best veggies in season and make the most of them, they had the snappiest little bunches of dutch carrots (the little ones) last week, and I have been enjoying them so much.

I also like to vary how I cut them, eg a carrot can be grated (finely or coarsely) cut in rounds, in batons, left whole, or lightly cooked.
I love Jamie's demonstrations of chopped salads in his 30 minute meals.

Sometimes I add pickles to my salad, or preserved lemons (very easy to make yourself) or olives,

As well as cooked carrots, other cooked veggies are wonderful in a salad. I love grilled peppers so I am sorry they are off your list, but you can cut your cherry tomatoes in half and sprinkle them with a few rosemary leaves and let them bake in a slow oven until they have wizened up a little and all the flavour has intensified.

The other thing that really makes a salad is the dressing. There is such a variety, and you only need a drizzle on your salad to make it sublime. If you can't have any oil at all, just use lemon and herbs.

Vary your cheeses too, try haloumi, and fetta, and experiment with ricotta.

O yes, and vary your continents! Have a look at Middle Eastern Salads, South American salsas, South East Asian ingredients.... You can have a new salad every day for the rest of your life !

Hmmm ! I think I have made this post long enough! Cheers and good luck! wave

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Re: Help with Salad

Have you thought about a coleslaw?  Jamie has a very ceative one.  One the other hand you can easily whip one up with cabbage, carrot, yogurt, lemon, and a little honey.  Just don't add nuts, raisins or dried fruit as they are high in calories, but you probably already know that.   Keep up the fight.  I think we're all trying to recover from the holidays.

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Re: Help with Salad

Green salads with a variety of lettuce & sprouts can give you more variety than just one kind of lettuce. I love to add pine nuts, sliced avocado, chopped snow peas cucumber & capsicum as well as making my own herb dressing which means you can adjust the oil/vinegar ratio while eliminating preservatives. I use balsamic vinegar for the dressing, even nice on its own, too sprinkled over the salad. Adding chopped prawns tossed with fresh mango pieces or salmon chunks makes a great salad suitable for a meal with lots of flavour. Freshly cooked & sliced beetroot is also a nice salad addition. A friend of mine is a dietician & she tells me that foods sold in certain plastics & plastic lined tins as well as some preservatives can cause you to add as much as 10% extra body weight so since I've eaten more fresh food I've found it much easier to loose weight.

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Re: Help with Salad

Slice up tomatoes, salt them a bit, toss, wait a minute or two and drain away excess moisture (this tomato-water makes a nice drink, but ruins a sallad). Chop up some spring onions and parsley and/or basil, add some rocket/sorrel/cos lettuce, dress with EVOO and vinegar and sprinkle some ricotta (or similar cheese) on top. Whey cheeses lice ricotta are great since they are nutritious but very low-fat, and fresh cheeses are the best choice for tomatoes. thumbsup

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Re: Help with Salad

Thanks Guys smile

Lots to try there, carrot is out though its to high for a carb diet (ho hum lol) not watching fats and calories so nuts are in yayy, be it 25g of mixed trail nuts per day big_smile *dances* only just found that out, the tomatoe suggestions are well cool and adding some veg, I guess I always think of salad as boring, I am going to give some of the suggestions a whirl big_smile thank you thank you.

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Re: Help with Salad

A light quick dinner salad:

A variety of lettuces, some radicchio, spinach leaves - any combination you prefer
cherry or grape tomatoes
thinly sliced red onion
bell pepper slices (are you allergic to this type?  just leave it out if so)
thin chicken breast filets - cooked on a grill pan indoors or on the barbecue.

Toss the salad with:
Balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar
Shredded parmesan cheese
Touch of olive oil

Mixed Cabbage Slaw

Red, White, Green cabbage (you can use Napa, whatever you prefer) finely shredded
Mixed Bell Pepper slices (optional)
Dress with a few drops of sesame oil, rice vinegar and salt

Salad with Emmenthal and Sunflower Seeds
Mix of soft lettuces (anything but iceberg which is going to compete with the delicate flavors)
Toss with a little balsamic vinegar or a light homemade vinaigrette that includes a touch of mustard
Top with toasted sunflower seeds and shredded emmenthal cheese

Balsamic vinegar works well on its own to dress a salad
Rosemary balsamic or other herbed vinegars are nice on their own on salads

Not a salad, but something for the sake of variety:
Fish filet (lean white fish satisfies hunger well for the number of calories involved)
Serve over a lightly blanched puree of spinach (use it as a sauce)
Or top your fish with a homemade salsa:
-chopped tomatoes, red onion, cilantro
-mango, yellow bell pepper, garlic, red onion (I know, fruit has carbs and you may be allergic to bell peppers)

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Re: Help with Salad

White meats are kind to the heart and excellent when dieting. Roasted or steamed, served the salads mentioned above make a very tasty meal.

There are more interesting additions than mayonnaise though...low fat yogurts, low fat soft cheese with chopped chives. A drop of olive oil with a nutty vinegar is very tasty as a salad sauce.

I recently made a vinaigrette with a water base which was delicious, 1 tsp medium mustard, 3 tsp nut vinegar, 1 soup spoon olive oil, 3 soup spoons water.

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Re: Help with Salad

Some suggestions that I hope might help:

Chicory, oranges, tomatoes, spring onions and walnuts tossed with a dressing made of orange juice, mustard, salt & pepper (also nice with small chunks of cheese.)

“Field lettuce?” (a spinach like leaf) with spring onions, goats cheese, pine nuts and raspberries, dressed with a little oil and balsamic vinegar.

Ruccola, beetroot, sweet potato and feta, dressed as above.

Good luck!

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Re: Help with Salad

I'd be bored with your salad if I had to eat it every night too.  Try mixing different lettuces, some should be bitter, some should be tender, some should be super crunchy and they can be various colors.

Try adding various cheeses, blue cheese is packed with flavor and makes a totally different statement.

Ever try honey mustard dressing?  It's amazing.

We have a fun salad night at least once a week.  I can't have a salad without avocados, they are so rich and filling and tasty that it almost feels like you're cheating.  If you take veggie peeler and peel a little bit of carrot, a few peelings is such a miniscule amount in terms of carbs/calories but it packs in a huge punch of flavor and color.  I love adding barely steamed broccoli or cauliflower to my salads.  Grilled shrimp or a can of tuna as well.  Hard boiled eggs.  Try roasting some cauliflower with red pepper flakes/cumin/ground coriander and then tossing into the salad - AWESOME!  Toss in some bok choy or finely slivered mushrooms.  Fresh peas are delectable.  We also like to toss in black beans or garbanzos.

Really, a salad can be anything.  But a warning, zero starch diets are not bad for you but they are very hard to follow.  And the minute you step off the wagon and take a bite of bread it's all over and next thing you know you've gained it all back plus a little extra.  I speak from experience.  It's best to try to include some of these foods in small portions in your diet, otherwise it can drive you bonkers.

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