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Jamie's "Grow Your Own Herbs"

Hi there,
I have a great garden, both vegies and herbs as well as some citrus trees which I am very proud of....
I saw the Jamie Oliver "Grow Your Own Herbs" late last year and was going to give them away as Christmas presents, but decided to grow them in my own kitchen.  The parsley tub is doing beautifully well, however, much to my disappointment the chives tub is still well and truly empty.  These are a great idea, however, they are a lot more expensive than buying seeds alone - naturally - and I had good faith that they would be fantastic (coming under the Jamie Oliver brand) I just need to let you know that I purchased a dud tub and am very disappointed.

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Re: Jamie's "Grow Your Own Herbs"

It is such a pity you lost your chives Julylegs.
I am wondering if they rotted away, perhaps due to over watering, or if you are in part of the world where it is not spring yet, and so the little bulbs are waiting a little before they come up?
I hope that is so, and you might have a lovely surprise of little green shoots coming up in the pot very soon! smile

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