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Kiwi Kris

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Re: British<->American

minerva wrote:

To clarify:
Cobnuts/Filberts = Both types of Hazelnut (one is long & thin, the other short & round)

Porridge =, not exactly.........'Oatmeal' is oatmeal, but technically 'Porridge' is the way it's cooked not what it's made of ie you can have Oatmeal Porridge, Pease Porridge, Bean Porridge, Bran Porridge etc. Younger folks seem to only know oatmeal porridge these days as a breakfast dish, but older folks like me remember porridges of other things as 'poor man's food' from days before supermarkets.

KiwiKris' NZ pancake, sounds more like what I would know as a Scotch Pancake.

Hi Minerva! Thank you for your post (sorry for my late reply)! I just did a search & your Scotch Pancakes are like our Kiwi pikelets/small pancakes!  yummy

And, while I was 'surfing the Net' I finally wanted to-get-to-the-'bottom' of what pancakes or flapjacks ARE (Kaitlyn & Mummza!)??! So here it is finally - a link to many countries versions/takes on "their" pancakes/flapjacks/crepes!!!! thumbsup

YUM exclaim

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Happy New Year/2015 to you ALL! :-)
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Re: British<->American

Another good one is Faggots :P

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Re: British<->American

Cornmeal = Polenta

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Miss GlutenFree

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Re: British<->American

Ketchup = tomato sauce here in Australia.

Kiwi Kris is spot on with the pancakes too - ours are just larger versions of a piklet however the ingredients vary slightly.

I've tried the UK version of flapjacks (a good friend at work comes from England) and I have to say they are rather like a softer version of a museli bar. Not too bad, worthy of experimenting with me thinks wink

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Re: British<->American

falconcy wrote:

Another good one is Faggots :P

I've heard two definitions for those: cigarettes (bleargh) and fuel for a fire (from back when those considered to be 'heretics' were burned as punishment).

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