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#111 Fri 01 Jun 12 7:17pm


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Re: Food Revolution Day, May 19!

Great blogs from the three wonderful people who cooked the incredible Supper Clubs for Food Rev, thank you again:



http://www.leluu.com/2012/05/jamie-oliv … ution.html

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#112 Fri 01 Jun 12 10:57pm


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Re: Food Revolution Day, May 19!

thanks  Danny , it was such a pleasure to come along and help Uyen , my job was to take the leaves of a number of bunches of herbs and make sure they were tidy.
Then I had to wash and dry them .
I also had to slice up some strawberries that were then put with the desert.
I had a wonderful day ( dispite leaving Cardiff in he bus at some terribly early hour of the morning ... early morning and I do not mix well  !)

so yes , thats me on Uyens blog page and now you all know what I look like and I can no longer clain to be a tall leggy blonde anymore as you all know now that was not the truth , I am  short round happy dark haired .. ah well illusion dystroyed ! lol  lol

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#113 Mon 04 Jun 12 1:44pm


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Re: Food Revolution Day, May 19!

Busy watching the Jamie Oliver Hangout on YouTube and when the conversation turned to TED speech. I always refer to the speech for tactics! Changed my life for sure!

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