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School dinner in Japan

Hi, Jamie. I'm watching your tv program in Japan.
I lived in Leicestershire for 1 year and worked for Infant school.
But I was always surprised about the food for children.
They ate chips, chocolate, sweets etc for lunch!!
It is not lunch.  I don't believe it.
Because when we are infant shool student, we are always bring mother made "obento(lunch box)" 
There are many kind of veg and rice. 
Some mother are making Character(hello kitty etc) bento.
And elementary school, junior high and high shcool has a school dinner.  The dietician decide the menu.
We receive the monthly menu from the school every month.
I think all Japanese mother is making dishes every day.
If you have a chance to go to Japan, please go to see the school meal. I think you will surprise!?

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Re: School dinner in Japan

WOW! sounds very interesting! Nice to see what's happening in Japan!


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Re: School dinner in Japan

Hi Ucali

Good to hear from you. I am curious - do the mother's cook at home and then give the lunch to their children to take to school? Is there a canteen as well at the schools?

Look forward to hearing from you

Cheers from Danny

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