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Pigs trotters - ideas please

I recently became the proud owner of half a pig, which is now residing happily in the freezer, ready to delight us over the coming months.  The only thing that is a little thought provoking is what to do with the trotters.  I've never used them before, and would appreciate your words of wisdom.

Many thanks BF

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Re: Pigs trotters - ideas please

My mom and grandma used to make sült (headcheese...err...meat jello  big_smile ).

Here's a recipe but google translate doesn't do so well. … Fid%3D7838

This is more like what my family does...once again the translation is funny … Fsult.html

The sült is good with a splash of vinager and/or a little horseradish also as after a shot of Vodka but maybe something like this is more practical.
http://www.soulfoodandsoutherncooking.c … ecipe.html

Good luck I have never tried to cook them my self. crossed

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