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#1 Wed 14 Nov 12 10:00am


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covola nero Cabbage

I bought a bunch of this stuff. Does anyone know what it is. How it is. How it tastes and most importantly, what can I do with it?

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#2 Wed 14 Nov 12 11:22am


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Re: covola nero Cabbage

Cavola nero cabbage is the same family as Kale. Its fast to cook..boiled 5 mins in a casserole. I really enjoy it mixed in penne with gorgonzola, crumbled and onions.

Bubble and squeek, kale and leek quiche, soups, salads...

It can be used to replace other cabbage and is very healthy.

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#3 Wed 14 Nov 12 12:17pm


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Re: covola nero Cabbage

I've been meaning to make this dish: … -ribollita

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#4 Thu 15 Nov 12 12:38am


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Re: covola nero Cabbage

I also love it steamed & then tossed with lardons of smoked bacon/broken chestnuts that have been briefly fried off in a hot pan.

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