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Jamie in 15 minuten

Another great book filled with available meals that I can even make for my pickey eaters. I ran back to the book shop and bought 2 more cooking books for my both kids. With these recepies they have no excuse to order out because it will cost them less time to cook the meal then the time it takes to find the order menu, make there chose, order and wait for the delivery or go and pick it up.

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Re: Jamie in 15 minuten

Weird I did not like 30mins. 15 mins I really like. That said perhaps jamie does a 3hrs book, that would be great.

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Re: Jamie in 15 minuten

I liked 30 minute meals and my mother has got me 15 minute meals for Christmas.  I haven't seen the book yet, but if there's just one meal in it that's as fantastic as Jamie's Indian Style Steak, I'll be very happy.

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