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Vego Christmas

Hi I am a vegetarian. I try not to be too evangelical about it, but as we seem to be so very meat obsessed, I wonder if you have ever thought of promoting the occasional vego recipe. Christmas would be a great time to offer so vego (and non-fish) options for those among us who do not eat meat.

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Re: Vego Christmas

here are a few recipes for the Jamie Oliver magazine.. I wish they were a bit easier to find on the main site.  Maybe with the new website relaunch next week smile … chio-nut-r … om-burgers … blue-vinny … istou-soup … mozzarella

I think at least two of those recipes list parm as an ingredient. I would suggest using a veggie rennet based grating cheese  if that is a problem for you.

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Re: Vego Christmas

Welcome to the forum JanBow  smile

There are quite a number of vegetarian's that are forum members so this will be a good place to share recipes.
I am also vegetarian but I do cook meat for my family .

Ashen has mentioned cheese .. If you are in the UK you will. Find that most cheeses are made using a vegetarian rennet .
The only supermarket that I am aware of stocking  a vegetarian parmasan style cheese is Waitrose .

I know that there is a Jamie Oliver book in progress at the moment with vegetable recipes .
I go on Instagram and instagramers were asked to submit vegetable pictures that might be used I the book. As you can imagine thousands were sent to the apropriate hash tag that we were asked to send them to.

The book is ,as I understand firm what I have read , a collection of vegetarian recipes that have been printed in his other books already or in the magazine and also some new recipes .
I think I read that it's due to be published some time in 2013 .

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