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Desperate for back issues

I previously had purchased the 2010 and 2011 Christmas back issues using the now defunct Jamie Magazine iPad app. The Magazine is now available via the iPads Newstand App but that didn't give me back my previously purchased magazines. I didn't realise this until I tried to open the old app to make sure I had all the ingredients only to find I cannot view anything at all. I'm now 2 days from Xmas and don't have half my recipes. I desperately need to get hold of PDFs of those past two issues so I can cook for Christmas. Please can someone help?

EDIT: I've been scouring other sources to try and find the recipes I need that were in those 2 magazines. So far only two stick in my mind that I cannot locate. I believe both were in the 2011 Christmas issue (Published 3rd Nov 2011). One was for a Festive Ham recipe. The other was for a leftovers pie using Turkey (or Ham) and leftover roasted vegetables. It isn't the leftover turkey and leek pie that can be found on the website. I think it might of been the All-in-pie. The pie was a hit last year on Boxing Day and I'm sure everyone is going to be disappointed if I can't reproduce it again this year. Again hope someone can help.

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Re: Desperate for back issues

Hello Runey71. Sorry not to get back to you before Christmas. I've only just picked up your post. Can you email me direct at paul dot dring at jamieoliver dot com (had to spell this out as I'm not allowed to post a URL). and I will sort out access to your previously purchased issues. I will also be able to send you the recipes you're missing (though I appreciate that it might now be a little late). Yours, Paul (managing editor, Jamie Magazine)

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