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Indoor herb plants

I am trying to keep a selection of herbplant on my kitchen windowsill. The problem is they dont last long, they are supermarket bought ' live ' plants & transferred to larger pots to allow for growth,(as ALWAYS pot bound when bought), I water them about once a week & not to much. they seem to go dry & shrivel after about a month. Can anyone help me to stop loosing them. OK, they only cost about 2 -3 a plant, but just a month.....

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Re: Indoor herb plants

The herb pots that are groen in the supermarkets are hot house grow and I have found that they dont always ast too long in the , i the summer months I get then to last longer by planting them in the garden.

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Re: Indoor herb plants

Second what mummza says, though I've been able to "Keep" Basil & Mint growing on the windowsill...none of the other "tender" herbs survive more than a few days....

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Re: Indoor herb plants

Be glad you have space on your windowsill and start them from seed. I have found that I can't grow enough to keep up with the amount I want to use

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Re: Indoor herb plants

Its good that you have some space for such things to do.Its nice and helthy thing to do.

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Re: Indoor herb plants

I often grow supermarket basil and mint and thyme quite successfully.  When you re-pot them, make sure they are really wet; soak them in water for a little while before hand so you can tease the roots apart gently and then re-pot them.  Make sure they are warm and have plenty of light and water as needed.  Mint and basil like to be moist; thyme can dry out a little.  Good luck xx

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Re: Indoor herb plants

Like the others, I've had no trouble keeping supermarket basil, coriander and parsley alive on the windowsill, but only in summer. They can't stand the lack of light in winter - especially the basil, it seems.

I've also grown a lot of different herbs successfully from seed on the windowsill. The only ones I've had no success with are chives and garlic chives. I think their narrow leaves mean they need more light and are better grown outside. A window box would probably do the job.

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