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Frozen Pearl Onions

According to one of the cooking programmes you can now buy frozen Pearl Onions in England. Does anyone know if they are only available from specialist suppliers, or are they on general sale?  If so where can I buy them, I did try googling them but I could only find them in wholesalers, and I don't want 80.00 worth of them! (not enough room in the freezer)

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Re: Frozen Pearl Onions

I have bought little frozen onions in a small quantity , I seem to remember they came from a farm shop near Thornhill in Cardiff , It was quite a while ago that I bought them.
I dont look in the frozen food setions at the supermarkets much so I am not really the right person to reply to this , have you tried shops like Waitrose and Iceland ?
I know that I once bought frozen chestnuts in Waitrose to see what they were like ( I did ot like the texture ) so it may be worth checking out the freezer section there.

just looked this up and it seems you should try Tesco's .. remember if they are not in the freezer cabinaets , ask and see if they can be got in for you.
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Re: Frozen Pearl Onions

Seems that Waitrose was selling them before Christmas..(mentioned on foodie feedback blog).

Sorry it seems that they are rare in England/UK.

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