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Making cheese!

I'm getting increasingly fascinated with the idea of making my own cheese. Has anyone else tried this?

I know the hard cheeses need specialist equipment and very long ageing times, but there are lots of cheeses which need no ageing or can be aged in the fridge (rather than a specialist cheese cave).

I've already tried labneh, which is basically just strained yoghurt with salt. It's lovely rolled into balls and stored in oil in the fridge - you can add herbs and so on.

So I'm thinking of stepping it up and trying queso blanco, paneer or milk ricotta. Here are some recipes I've found. I've written abbreviated versions of the recipes here, the links give you more detail, so if you're going to try them, I'd follow the links to the full recipes (they were a bit tl:dr to post here):

Queso Blanco - … ng-recipe/

4 litres cow's milk
65ml white vinegar

Heat milk to 82C; add the vinegar gradually until milk separates into curds and whey; put curds in a colander lined with cheesecloth and leave for 20min; tie corners of cloth and hang up to drip for 5-7 hours; put cheese in a container and store in fridge.

Paneer - … ng-recipe/

5 litres cow's milk
185ml lemon juice diluted in 1 cup cool water

Heat milk to a simmer; add lemon juice gradually until milk separates into curds and whey; let sit about 10min until curds stop floating; put curds into a colander lined with cheesecloth and leave until reasonably drained; lift corners of cloth and twist so cheese is squeezed into a ball; squeeze lightly; place on flat draining surface and sit a heavy weight (about same as weight of milk) on top; sit for 1-2 hours. Cheese should be firm and springy. Put in a container and store in fridge.

Milk Ricotta - … ng-recipe/

3 litres cow's milk
90-140ml white vinegar
5g salt

Add salt to milk; heat slowly to 85C; keep at this temp throughout; stir in 90ml vinegar; if curds not formed after 1-2min stir in more vinegar; use slotted ladle to move curds towards middle of pan; wait 15min; use slotted ladle to move curds into draining mould; let drain until drainage is slow, at least 1 hour (time depends on what flavour you want);  turn cheese onto a plate and store in fridge.


I haven't done any of these myself, but I plan to try soon, because they don't look difficult, and how cool would it be to make your own cheese? Has anyone here had a go at this?

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Re: Making cheese!

Regret, I've only made one attempt at cheese.  A friend's birthday was coming up and she's intolerant to anything from the cow.  I made some yew's milk cheese.  A charming cheese shop in Totnes was able to tell me how to make it.  Very simple and it was a huge success.  It made a lovely filling for a sponge cake.
Good luck in your new venture Hippy.  Looking forward to hearing the results.

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Re: Making cheese!

I made soft cheese from milk and lemon juice a little while ago. It was SO delicious. I was making my recipe for paneer, but I see many people use the same recipe for ricotta (even though real ricotta uses the whey).

I had most of 2 litres of milk I wasn't going through quickly enough, so I decided to make Rabadi, which is milk evaporated until it is thick (and then used in Indian desserts), but it was taking ages to evaporate and my next recipe down was for Chenna, which is the soft cheese that is then pressed to make paneer.

I already had the litre of milk that had come to a boil and was just under a simmer, I added 2 tbsp of lemon juice, I was ready to add more because I had begun with more than a litre, but it curdled beautifully. Turned it off, lined a sieve with fine cloth and let it drain. It was that simple! I used it like ricotta and it was more delicious than any ricotta I have had. It might have been cheaper too! It made about 2 cups. I must make it again.  smile

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Re: Making cheese!

I've never had any attempt on making cheese but a friend does it once and I hand her a my help. It was going well at first but the cheese turn out to be a complete failure. It was really soft like a pie filling and after that we never ever had made any cheese again.

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Re: Making cheese!

I think I saw ricotta being made on T.V. it looked good. It was on the Good Life (the remake with Sue Perkins).
Let us know how you get on.

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